Greenskin Warcamp BO
Thargrim's Headwall

Thargrim's Headwall Objective

Destruction, Greenskin, Warcamp

location: Gudmud's Strong-Huts, Black Crag, Warcamp

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Doomstriker Vein, Gromril Kruk, , Bloodfist Rock, Karak Karag

PQ Lore: The campaign to capture the summit of Thunder Mountain is a long, painstaking affair. The route to the top of the mountain is narrow and treacherous and easily defended if one holds one of the many choke points alongside the mountain.

Thargrim's Headwall is a large defensible stone redoubt overlooking two smaller redoubts below it on the path up the mountain. As the first major choke point in the route up the mountain, he or she who controls the Headwall can easily frustrate the movement of an enemy army up the volcano.

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