Greenskin Chapter 19 PQ
Sons of Valaya Compound

Ruins of Mingol Kurdak Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 19

location: Da Big Bones, Thunder Mountain, Chapter 19

PQ Lore: The Sons of Valaya have established a camp on the outskirts of their holdings that they use to discourage anyone from wandering too near the areas that lead to the Lost Forge and its Runed Anvil.

The camp was built on the ruins of a fortress that was destroyed during one of the rampages of Azorgoran and is moderately fortified. There are three large cannon placed at various points within the ruins. Each of these is on a raised dais to aid in its targeting objects above, such as a flying Dragon.

Granted, no Dragons have been here in centuries, but these are Dwarfs, no matter how twisted they might be, so it's in their nature to be prepared for any possible eventuality.

Gutsta's initial thoughts of an easy victory were dashed upon the onslaught of the Valayan cannons. The Dwarfs' paranoia has served them well, for the cannons have greatly increased the difficulty of the greenskins' task.

Stage 1: Oathbearer Dwarfs Killed

Stage 2: Oathbearer Cannoneers Killed

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