Greenskin Chapter 20 PQ

Baradum Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 20

location: Naguk's Cold Camp, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 20

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Burnbeard's Oath, Kazad Urbar

PQ Lore: Orange-haired figures occupy the mountain glade leading to the Baradum Mine. Tattooed and bare-headed, the Slayers of Baradum prepare to meet the greenskin army in battle. Determined to find an honorable death in battle, these Dwarfs present the greenskins with a whole new kind of foe: Brutal, trained killers who will continue to fight until death. With these stunties, there is no retreat, no surrender, and no quarter given.

Literally the meaning, "Gate to Doom,: the Baradum Mine snakes below the mountains separating Karak Kadrin from the southern portion of Kadrin Valley. Rumor has it the mine tunnels extend to the foundations of the famous keep itself. Should the greenskins win control of the mine, the Slayers could find themselves beset on two fronts.

Stage 1: Kill Baradum defenders

Stage 2: Kill Baradum Slayers

Stage 3: Kill Skoraki Doomcleaver

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