Greenskin Chapter 20 PQ
Burnbeard's Oath

Burnbeard's Oath Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 20

location: Naguk's Cold Camp, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 20

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Baradum, Kazad Urbar

PQ Lore: Dwarf water pumps chug busily, moving water to and from the Kloingar Mine in a desperate attempt to lower the temperature inside. With the entire mining team distracted by their precarious situation, Burnbeard's company has been called upon to provide outer defenses should the greenskin army attempt to invade Kadrin via this route.
Now Burnbeard and his crew find themselves facing the main thrust of the greenskin Waaagh! alone.

Miners all, it was only after battle was first joined that they realized how ill-prepared they were for the sheer size of the Waaagh!. Though successful in keeping the greenskins from the entering the mine itself, they have been unable to push the greenskins out of the area entirely and a counterattack is sure to come soon.

Stage 1: Lobber Gits Repairing

Stage 2: Karak Kadrin Statue Destroyed

Stage 3: Slayers Inducted

Stage 4: Norn Burnbeard Killed

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