Greenskin Chapter 20 PQ
Kazad Urbar

Kazad Urbar Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 20

location: Naguk's Cold Camp, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 20

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Baradum, Burnbeard's Oath

PQ Lore: A tense silence hangs over the fortified walls of Kazad Urbar. Merchants who once hawked their wares along the city streets now find themselves armed with a motley assortment of weapons, looking apprehensively to the east.

The walled town of Kazad Urbar has become a hub of trade for the Dwarfs of Kadrin Valley with merchants traveling from all corners of the Empire. A small garrison of Empire soldiers still resides within the town, ostensively to protect the Empire warehouse and aid in defense. But with the recent greenskin onslaught, the soldiers have found themselves at the forefront of a brutal battle.

Stage 1: Urbar Sharp Shooters

Stage 2: Captain Herdenschwintz

Stage 3: Kill Bright Wizard Varick

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