Greenskin Chapter 21 PQ
Clarion Tower

Clarion Tower Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 21

location: Ug's Warband, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 21

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Battlegut Ogres, Duraz Dok

PQ Lore: The gobbos had been yammering about "pointy ears" ever since the first Dark Elf appeared to lend the Waaagh! a hand. But recently, the fear and confusion had begun spreading to the rest of the boyz as well. Great Eagles had been seen wheeling above the greenskin camp just out of bow range and the last batch of sneaky gits sent to check out the southeastern stunty tower were late reporting in.

Ugly though he might be, few ever made the mistake of thinking Gashfang stupid twice. Those who failed to recognize the gleam of intelligence in the Black Orc's eyes usually realized their error as the life bled out of them from a well-placed blow at the worst and most unexpected time. Ug is well aware that an alliance between High Elves and Dwarfs could be fatal to their attempt on the Slayer Keep, but is smart enough to realize that the Dark Elves were his best chance to retake the stunty-defended tower.

Stage 1: Clarion Archers

Stage 2: Brightblades and Lightsingers

Stage 3: Destroy Tower Door

Stage 4: Kill Aerin Lightweaver

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