Greenskin Chapter 21 PQ
Duraz Dok

Duraz Dok Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 21

location: Ug's Warband, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 21

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Battlegut Ogres, Clarion Tower

PQ Lore: Snow-covered battlements jutted outward from the rocky plateau wall, lined with cannons and determined Dwarf defenders. The sole fort protecting the approach to Karak Kadrin, Duraz Dok is as sturdy as the wills of those who built the fortress. Although an attempt to repair the broken sky bridge is underway, the Dwarfs within Duraz Dok are well aware of the poor odds of their survival, and are content to find honorable death in battle should their fortune prove ill.

To win through to the Slayer Keep, Ug's boyz must conquer the defenders of Duraz Dok.

Stage 1: Ungrim's Finest

Stage 2: Kill Captain Stonefist

Stage 3: Keep Glutnog and Gutz Alive

Stage 4: Kill Skor Douraxe

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