Greenskin Chapter 22 PQ
Duraz Deb

Duraz Deb Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 22

location: Badrot's Bashin' Place, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 22

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Beer Barrel Bash, Slayer Keep

PQ Lore: Duraz Deb is the penultimate destination on the pilgrimage that neophyte Slayers take on their long journey to take up the Slayer's Oath at Karak Kadrin. As such, the mood of this town is grim and reverential.

However, Duraz Deb also serves as a place of respite for Empire caravans who have paid their tolls for the benefit of Slayer protection in passing through the long valley. Here, the caravans stop to rest briefly to replenish their supplies, water their horses and drink some well-deserved ale.

Given the nature of quick tempered, volatile Dwarfs who believe their honor gone, the Empire citizens wisely keep to their own.

Stage 1: Road Wardens

Stage 2: Oath Scribes

Stage 3: Kill Mournbrow

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