Chaos Chapter 2 PQ
Holmsteinn Revisited
zone: Norsca

Holmsteinn Revisited Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 2

location: The Sorcerer's Axiom, Norsca, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Suderholm, Destruction of the Weak

PQ Lore: The village of Holmsteinn was destroyed by Tchar'zanek's army. Shortly afterward, scouts from the Army of Nordland began to use the ruins as a base of operations from which to spy on the Chaos warhost.

With the invasion of Nordland continuing as planned, the invading army has realized that their food stores may not be sufficient and has begun sending troops to locations behind the main force to scour for supplies. Holmesteinn is one of the first towns these outriders have decided to search.

Stage 1: Holmsteinn Supplies Gathered

Stage 2: Nordland Verkenners

Stage 3: Boswald Griev

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