Dark Elves Chapter 1 - Trial by Blood
Spires of NarthainPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 2 - Nimosar
Mistwood GrovePublic Quest
NimosarPublic Quest
The WatchtowerPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 3 - Into the Lions' Den
Dreamshade ForestPublic Quest
Golden TorPublic Quest
Gon'SeraphPublic Quest
Dark Elves Warcamp - Cynathai Span
House of LorendythObjective
Shard of GriefObjective
The Altar of KhaineObjective
The Tower of NightflameObjective
Dark Elves Chapter 4 - Twilight
Lionhome LodgePublic Quest
The Stone of ValetearPublic Quest
Tor AcharePublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 5 - Bitter Rivals
Out of the ShadowsPublic Quest
Rock of GalirianPublic Quest
Ruins of AnlecPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 6 - Truce and Consequences
Jagged CoastPublic Quest
Ruins of NagarythePublic Quest
The Gloomridge CopsePublic Quest
Dark Elves Warcamp - Oath's End
Cascades of ThunderObjective
Shadow SpireObjective
Spite's ReachObjective
The Needle of EllyrionObjective
The Reaver Stables Objective
Unicorn Siege CampObjective
Dark Elves Chapter 7 - Day of Blood
Dawn's Early FightPublic Quest
Stone of EcelsionPublic Quest
The Griffon GatePublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 8 - The Fall of the Matriarch
Monument of NariallePublic Quest
Reservation of HonorPublic Quest
Town of BerhessaPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 9 - Race for the Menhir
Reaver's EndPublic Quest
Tor ElyrPublic Quest
Whitefire TorPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 10 - Brought Down from Within
Quyl-Isha TemplePublic Quest
Spirited ResistancePublic Quest
WavesingerPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 11 - Everspring
Dartian ForestPublic Quest
EverspringPublic Quest
The Pool of ElthraiPublic Quest
Dark Elves Warcamp - Isha's Fall
Ghrond's SacristyObjective
Maiden's LandingObjective
Sari' DaroirObjective
Spire of TeclisObjective
Well of QhayshObjective
Wood Choppaz CampObjective
Dark Elves Chapter 12 - A Final Duty
Sea Guard BeachheadPublic Quest
The Jade StandPublic Quest
Watchtower of AethwynPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 13 - Seeds of Treachery
RecompensePublic Quest
Trial By FirePublic Quest
Whitemoon ManorPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 14 - Betrayal
Ghyran's EmbracePublic Quest
House of CardsPublic Quest
The White Tower of HoethPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 15 - Ground Assault
Kelysian's LandingPublic Quest
The Battle of AderaalPublic Quest
The Vault of the Dragon PrincesPublic Quest
Dark Elves Warcamp - Conqueror's Watch
Arbor of LightObjective
Bel-Korhadris' SolitudeObjective
Chillwind ManorObjective
Pillars of RemembranceObjective
Sanctuary of DreamsObjective
Ulthorin Siege CampObjective
Dark Elves Chapter 16 - Rewards of Service
LoryndaalPublic Quest
Malyros' RestPublic Quest
The Fortress of CaledorPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 17 - Ultimate Control
The Ritual of FirePublic Quest
The Ritual of LightPublic Quest
The Ritual of MetalPublic Quest
The Ritual of ShadowsPublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 18 - Death of Dreams
Dragonwatch FallsPublic Quest
Galiron's MouthPublic Quest
Keeper's VigilPublic Quest
Dark Elves Warcamp - Drakeslayer Hold
Covenant of FlameObjective
Drakebreaker's ScourgeObjective
Fireguard SpireObjective
Milaith's MemoryObjective
Mournfire's ApproachObjective
Pelgorath's EmberObjective
Dark Elves Chapter 19 - Furnace of Caladain
Caladain's FurnacePublic Quest
The Caladain GatePublic Quest
The Caladain SteppePublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 20 - Emerald Steppe
Senthoi PoolPublic Quest
The Phoenix EyePublic Quest
Woodsong ManorPublic Quest
Dark Elves Warcamp - Ebonhold Watch
Druchii BarracksObjective
Hatred's WayObjective
Sarathanan ValeObjective
Senlathain StandObjective
Shrine of the ConquerorObjective
Wrath's ResolveObjective
Dark Elves Chapter 21 - Blind Hatred
Blind JusticePublic Quest
Dawnbreak ManorPublic Quest
Spirits of EatainePublic Quest
Dark Elves Chapter 22 - Last Stand
Follow the LightPublic Quest
Glittering CitadelPublic Quest
Last StandPublic Quest
Dark Elves Fortress - Fell Landing
Fortress Lord, Lord ElethireanUndefined
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