Empire Chapter 1 - War Comes to Grimmenhagen
Raven Host VanguardPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 2 - The Muster of Nordland
Ruins of Schloss von RubendorffPublic Quest
The Burning WindmillPublic Quest
The Norse are Coming!Public Quest
Empire Chapter 3 - The Battle of New Emskrank
Faewulf's RestPublic Quest
Pillagers' ApproachPublic Quest
The WebworksPublic Quest
Empire Warcamp - Sighting the Enemy
Lost LagoonObjective
The Harvest ShrineObjective
The Nordland XIObjective
Empire Chapter 4 - The Pit of the Forsaken
Altar of the BloodbanePublic Quest
Pit of the ForsakenPublic Quest
UlfenwyrPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 5 - Aid from Afar
Deathstone QuarryPublic Quest
Plague on the WindPublic Quest
Welcome to Troll CountryPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 6 - Sins of the Past
Grave DiggersPublic Quest
Slayer's DemisePublic Quest
The Blighted FarmPublic Quest
Empire Warcamp - Sermons
Crypt of WeaponsObjective
Kinshel's StrongholdObjective
Mandred's HoldObjective
Monastery of MorrObjective
Ruins of Greystone KeepObjective
Stonetroll KeepObjective
Empire Chapter 7 - Riddles and Clues
HochnarPublic Quest
Lissariel's GladePublic Quest
Plague TrollsPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 8 - The Siege of Bohsenfels
Nurenmir's LancersPublic Quest
Siege of BohsenfelsPublic Quest
The Black MirePublic Quest
Empire Chapter 9 - Wolfenburg
Gore WoodPublic Quest
Howling ValePublic Quest
WolfenburgPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 10 - The Search Begins
Chaos RuinsPublic Quest
The Foetid PlainsPublic Quest
Tomb of the TraitorPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 11 - An Uphill Battle
Cult of the MagusPublic Quest
Lake of the DamnedPublic Quest
Temple of ChangePublic Quest
Empire Warcamp - Dogbite Ridge
Feiten's LockObjective
Hallenfurt ManorObjective
Ogrund's TavernObjective
Passwatch CastleObjective
Stoneclaw CastleObjective
Verentane's TowerObjective
Empire Chapter 12 - Ice and Fire
Echoes of WarPublic Quest
Shrine of TzeentchPublic Quest
The Grisly HerdPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 13 - Hergig Bridge
Bitterschaum SwampPublic Quest
Wagon DefensePublic Quest
Witch Fire GladePublic Quest
Empire Chapter 14 - Sacrifices
Meuselbach FarmPublic Quest
Unterbaum CastlePublic Quest
Unterbaum CemetaryPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 15 - Trouble at the Emperor's Arms
Fields of RuinPublic Quest
Heinrich EstatePublic Quest
Root of RebellionPublic Quest
Empire Warcamp - The Young Martinet
Charon's CitadelObjective
Frostbeard's QuarryObjective
Runehammer GunworksObjective
Schwenderhalle ManorObjective
Zimmeron's HoldObjective
Empire Chapter 16 - Threats from Within
Castle GrauenburgPublic Quest
Reik River BanditsPublic Quest
The Enemy WithinPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 17 - Dark Revelation
Screaming DaemonsPublic Quest
The Sundered FortressPublic Quest
Unlikely AlliesPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 18 - Flood
Broken GroundPublic Quest
Eyes in the DarkPublic Quest
Gospodar SquarePublic Quest
Empire Warcamp - The Westmark Barricade
Garrison of SkullsObjective
Kurlov's ArmoryObjective
Manor of Ortel von ZarisObjective
Martyr's SquareObjective
Russenscheller GraveyardObjective
Southern GarrisonObjective
Empire Chapter 19 - Fight Fire with Fire
Beasts of WarPublic Quest
Griffon's Last StandPublic Quest
Hell's FallPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 20 - A Desperate Gambit
Dance of BonesPublic Quest
Lost ArtifactsPublic Quest
Razing an ArmyPublic Quest
Empire Warcamp - Tannenbach's Doom
Chokethorne BrambleObjective
Morr's ReposeObjective
Shrine of TimeObjective
Statue of the EverchosenObjective
Thaugamond MassifObjective
Wilhelm's FistObjective
Empire Chapter 21 - Men of Faith
MadnessPublic Quest
The Reaping FieldPublic Quest
The Siren SeaPublic Quest
Empire Chapter 22 - The Ebon Keep
Altar of MadnessPublic Quest
Ebon KeepPublic Quest
The Fall of NightPublic Quest
Empire Fortress - Riekwald
Fortress Lord, Rhinehardt OrtmannUndefined
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