Greenskin Chapter 1 - Skarzag's Warcamp
Ugrog's RagePublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 2 - Lumber for the Lobbers
Ironclaw CampPublic Quest
Sharpthorn Rock MinePublic Quest
Sharpthorn WudPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 3 - A Stone's Throw from the Enemy
Public Quest
Kron Komar GapPublic Quest
Sacred GrovePublic Quest
Greenskin Warcamp - Screeb's Stunty Killin' Camp
Cannon BatteryObjective
Ironmane OutpostObjective
Stonemine TowerObjective
The LookoutObjective
Greenskin Chapter 4 - Tribal Warfare
Broketoof CampPublic Quest
Goldfist's Hole RecoveryPublic Quest
Raider's HavenPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 5 - Something Happened on the Way to the Waaagh!
Danurgi's RangersPublic Quest
Firebeard's SlayersPublic Quest
Up the Creek Without a BattlePublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 6 - Bonerender's Boyz
Battle at Blood FenPublic Quest
Marsh ConquestPublic Quest
The Specter of BattlePublic Quest
Greenskin Warcamp - Foultooth's Warcamp
Dok KarazObjective
The IroncladObjective
The LighthouseObjective
Alcadizaar's TombObjective
Fangbreaka Swamp Objective
Goblin ArmoryObjective
Greenskin Chapter 7 - Who's da Boss?
Bar DawazbakPublic Quest
Burn Rock TowerPublic Quest
Gudrim's VeteransPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 8 - The Fall of Barak Varr
Boarding the SeahammerPublic Quest
Fall of FirebrewPublic Quest
Grundadrakk's WharfPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 9 - The Stunty Boss
Ironrock PointPublic Quest
Long Drong and the Slayer CovePublic Quest
When the Ship Hits the SandPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 10 - Missing Moonfangs
Gassy MinesPublic Quest
Statue of InspirationPublic Quest
Thardrik Smashin'Public Quest
Greenskin Chapter 11 - Bad Luck in the Badlands
Fireforge's CampPublic Quest
Mutant ExilesPublic Quest
Revoltin' GobbosPublic Quest
Greenskin Warcamp - Torka's Boyz
Goblin Artillery RangeObjective
Bugman's BreweryObjective
Furrig's FallObjective
Gnol BarazObjective
Thickmuck PitObjective
Greenskin Chapter 12 - The Enforcer
Grimbeard StationWar Camp
Kolaz UmgalPublic Quest
Moonfang RemnantPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 13 - A New Enemy
AltstadtPublic Quest
PriesterstadtPublic Quest
Sigmarite TemplePublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 14 - Skargor's Plan
Blight Favored CultPublic Quest
Blighted HerdPublic Quest
Kolaz Umgal ScoutsPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 15 - The Road to Treachery
Morkfang da MadPublic Quest
Overtop OutpostPublic Quest
Valley of the RangersPublic Quest
Greenskin Warcamp - Bonechukka's Warcamp
Badmoon HoleObjective
Ironskin SkarObjective
Lobba MillObjective
Madcap PickinsObjective
Rottenpike RavineObjective
Squiggly Beast PensObjective
Greenskin Chapter 16 - The Orc Who Would be Boss
A Wyvern in the HandPublic Quest
Ambush CanyonPublic Quest
Skargor da TraitorPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 17 - Distant Thunder
Gutbashed GnoblarsPublic Quest
Reichert's RaidersPublic Quest
Und-a-RunkiPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 18 - The Battle of Grudzag
Da Drakk CultPublic Quest
Flamerock MinePublic Quest
Gutbash Tribe StrongholdPublic Quest
Greenskin Warcamp - Shaz's Strong Huts
Bloodfist RockObjective
Doomstriker VeinObjective
Gromril KrukObjective
Karak KaragObjective
Thargrim's HeadwallObjective
Greenskin Chapter 19 - Mudje da Feerse
Fallen Keep of Grom RodrinPublic Quest
Ruins of Mingol KurdakPublic Quest
Undercroft of the BlisterclawPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 20 - Surprise Attack
BaradumPublic Quest
Burnbeard's OathPublic Quest
Kazad UrbarPublic Quest
Greenskin Warcamp - Hut-Burna's Scrappin' Spot
Dolgrund's CairnObjective
Gromril JunctionObjective
Hardwater FallsObjective
Icehearth CrossingObjective
Karaz DrengiObjective
Kazad DammazObjective
Greenskin Chapter 21 - Now or Never
Battlegut OgresPublic Quest
Clarion TowerPublic Quest
Duraz DokPublic Quest
Greenskin Chapter 22 - The Slayer's Last Stand
Beer Barrel BashPublic Quest
Duraz DebPublic Quest
Slayer KeepPublic Quest
Greenskin Fortress - Butcher Pass
Fortress Lord, Grumtusk Da RavagerUndefined
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