High Elves Chapter 1 - Invasion
House ArkanethPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 2 - An Ill Omen
Thanalorn ForestPublic Quest
The Forlorn IslePublic Quest
The Swale of MiraleiPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 3 - Sisters in Arms
Ruins of ErranethPublic Quest
Shattered BeachPublic Quest
ThrallseekersPublic Quest
High Elves Warcamp - Tor Aendris
House of LorendythObjective
Shard of GriefObjective
The Altar of KhaineObjective
The Tower of NightflameObjective
High Elves Chapter 4 - The Stone of Imrahir
Blackwood Hill GarrisonPublic Quest
ElisiaPublic Quest
Stone of ImrahirPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 5 - Discovery at Mirelen
Broken DunesPublic Quest
Cold-Hearted PredatorsPublic Quest
MirelenPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 6 - Difficult Choices
Broken SpiritsPublic Quest
Forgotten FuturePublic Quest
Laurilion CavesPublic Quest
High Elves Warcamp - Bladewatch
Cascades of ThunderObjective
Shadow SpireObjective
Spite's ReachObjective
The Needle of EllyrionObjective
The Reaver Stables Objective
Unicorn Siege CampObjective
High Elves Chapter 7 - Shades of Meaning
Lair of the DeadPublic Quest
Preemptive StrikePublic Quest
The Dragon GatePublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 8 - Battle at the Gate
Allies of WarPublic Quest
Ellyrion StablesPublic Quest
Starbrook FallsPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 9 - Plain Council
Gates of ElthraiPublic Quest
Shady TowerPublic Quest
The Well SpringsPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 10 - Guerrilla Tactics
Ritual of CorruptionPublic Quest
Rotten EmbracePublic Quest
Slash and BurnPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 11 - Corruption of the Forest
Deathwind PassPublic Quest
The Falls of RenewalPublic Quest
The Shrieking MeadowPublic Quest
High Elves Warcamp - Gaen Mere
Ghrond's SacristyObjective
Maiden's LandingObjective
Sari' DaroirObjective
Spire of TeclisObjective
Well of QhayshObjective
Wood Choppaz CampObjective
High Elves Chapter 12 - Killing Blow
CorruptionPublic Quest
Stormriver's EndPublic Quest
Well of WhispersPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 13 - Houses of Learning
Thanon HallPublic Quest
The Circle of the WindsPublic Quest
The Platinum TowerPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 14 - Uncertain Ground
Anudda Brick in Da WallPublic Quest
Hall of the Crimson ShroudPublic Quest
Sweating the StonePublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 15 - Eataine in Flames
Ceylnath VineyardsPublic Quest
Da OrkwerksPublic Quest
Siege of AnyerrialPublic Quest
High Elves Warcamp - Conqueror's Descent
Arbor of LightObjective
Druchii BarracksObjective
Pillars of RemembranceObjective
Sarathanan ValeObjective
Senlathain StandObjective
Shrine of the ConquerorObjective
High Elves Chapter 16 - Homecoming
NeversongPublic Quest
The Tower of AversilPublic Quest
The Well of Sar-SarothPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 17 - The Call of Time
The Ritual of BeastsPublic Quest
The Ritual of DeathPublic Quest
The Ritual of LifePublic Quest
The Ritual of the HeavensPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 18 - Dragonwake
DragonwatchPublic Quest
Keeper's WatchPublic Quest
Rescue of AenaresPublic Quest
High Elves Warcamp - Drakewarden Keep
Covenant of FlameObjective
Drakebreaker's ScourgeObjective
Fireguard SpireObjective
Milaith's MemoryObjective
Mournfire's ApproachObjective
Pelgorath's EmberObjective
High Elves Chapter 19 - Vaul's Anvil
Blood FocusPublic Quest
Dominion of KhainePublic Quest
The Cliffs of VaulPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 20 - Subterfuge
Drake's RestPublic Quest
ShadowchasmPublic Quest
Ulan BelPublic Quest
High Elves Warcamp - Eataine Mustering
Bel-Korhadris' SolitudeObjective
Chillwind ManorObjective
Hatred's WayObjective
Sanctuary of DreamsObjective
Ulthorin Siege CampObjective
Wrath's ResolveObjective
High Elves Chapter 21 - Buying Time
Executioner's BladePublic Quest
Shrine of the DragontamerPublic Quest
Shrine of the SlayerPublic Quest
High Elves Chapter 22 - The Fall of Eyrad Adrel
Pure PowerPublic Quest
The Might of UlthuanPublic Quest
Tor SethaiPublic Quest
High Elves Fortress - Shining Way
Fortress Lord, AlentrielUndefined
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