Character Races
in short some lore about Character Races and Realms. Order and Destruction. Dwarfs, Empire, High Elves, Greenskins, Chaos, Dark Elves.

Classes & Master Classes
class details, archetype, special mechanics and master classes • Ironbreaker • Runepriest • Engineer • Bright Wizard • Warrior Priest • Witch Hunter • Swordmaster • Archmage • Shadow Warrior • White Lion • Black Orc • Goblin Shaman • Goblin Squig Herder • Chosen • Magus • Zealot • Marauder • Witch Elves • Disciple of Khaine • Sorceress

Classes and Master Classes Abilities  Abilities, Tactics and Morale Almost full listing for every master class with Racial and Archetypes. No level dependency.

Renown Abilities  Renown Abilities - unfinished listing

Renown Titles  Renown Titles for every race

Crafting and Gathering General information about Crafting and Gathering in WAR • ApothecaryButchering, Scavenging, and Cultivating

Emotes & Console  WAR Slash Console Commands and Emotes

Guild Ranks  WAR Guild Ranks with description

Warhammer Online The Game General information about WAR • WAR the PC cRPGMMO Game • subscription options • minimum PC system requirements

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