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Mount Gunbad

location: Da Scrub, The Badlands

npc: Baagash

zone: Mount Gunbad

next chapter is: Bastion Stair

Chapter Lore: Long ago, when the great cities of Dwarf stood stalwart and impenetrable, the Dwarfs of Mount Gunbad mined the depths of their mountain for the precious material brightstone. The energies of brightstone allowed the forging of the greatest creations of the Dwarfs, weapons of unparallel might and machines of intense brilliance. The Dwarfs enjoyed the blessings of Gunbad for many generations until the first swarms of Night Goblins broke into their tunnels.

Thousands upon thousands of Night Goblins flooded the mines of Mount Gunbad, drowning the Dwarfs in a tide of green filth. It was the same everywhere; many great fortresses fell in what was to be known as the Time of Woes. Before long the ruin of Gunbad was little more that another entry from that age's interminable list of grudges, and few Dwarfs would even venture within sight of its forbidding peak.

Although triumphant in their conquering of the Dwarf hold, the Redeye Night Goblins were hardly undisturbed in their new fortress. From the depths of the mountain great energies called out to those who would seek them, and the Night Goblins soon found an army of malevolent constructs and rotting corpses shambling up from below the world. Beating back their gruesome new foe, the Night Goblins thought themselves secure, and a sprawling city more suited to their tastes soon was built atop the Dwarf ruins and the powerful twisting energies below.

The Age of Reckoning has brought new powers to fore, armies of thousands that care little for the Night Goblins' claim to Gunband. A Dwarf army marches with purpose not seen in an age, determined to regain the brightstone they know to be their birthright. From the south Grumlok's great Waaagh! advances on Gunbad, the Warlord bent on destroying any greenskin that will not join his banners. The Redeye Night Goblins stand ready, wicked smiles anticipating the slaughter to come, yet in the depths the remnants forgotten enemy stir, ready to swallow whole any victors in the ancient maw of the Mourkain.

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