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Greenskin Prologue

Greenskin Prologue Destruction Storyline


zone: Mount Bloodhorn

next chapter is: Skarzag's Warcamp

Chapter Lore: Grumlok and Gazbag cannot revel in their victory at Karak Eight Peaks for long. Maintaining the momentum of the Waaagh! is a priority. Without a specific goal, preferably one involving lots of things to fight with, the Waaagh! may sputter out as infighting from boredom destroys it from within. Guided by an unseen hand, Grumlok decides to direct the Waaagh! at the Dwarf capital of Karaz-A-Karak, a target which has never before fallen to a greenskin Warlord. What better way for Grumlok to prove his prowess as a leader than to destroy the stunties' most prized city?

The Bloody Sun Boyz put the word out to every greenskin tribe in the Old World: come to Karak Eight Peaks and join the Waaagh!, or face the wrath of the Bloody Sun Boyz.

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