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Greenskin Chapter 1

Greenskin Chapter 1 Destruction Storyline

Skarzag's Warcamp

location: Snouts' Pen, Mount Bloodhorn

npc: Maggut

zone: Mount Bloodhorn

Public Quest: Ugrog's Rage

previous chapter is: Greenskin

next chapter is: Lumber for the Lobbers

Chapter Lore: Skarzag climbed onto the back of his Wyvern and shouted orders to the mob of greenskins assembled before him. "Get down to dat beach and give dem stunties a good scrap! Wotever Orc or Goblin kills da most stunties, I'll make ya one of da Bloody Sun Boyz!"

"Waaagh!" The unruly mob of greenskins bellowed their war cry as they charged down the slope of the hill toward the beach. Suddenly, the crackle of gunfire erupted on all sides. Dwarf Thunderers sprang out from hiding behind a dozen large tree stumps and took aim for another volley.

The greenskins set upon Dwarfs with reckless abandon, eager to prove their worth to Skarzag. Of all the greenskins tribes they knew of, the Bloody Sun Boyz was the biggest and most powerful. Only the strongest, toughest and most powerful Orcs and Goblins would get in, and they'd have to prove themselves the same way greenskins always did, in the heat of battle.

As Boss of the Bloody Sun Boyz' warcamp in Mount Bloodhorn, it was Skarzag's job to decide who was worthy of membership, and who was food for the Squigs. He had no lack of opportunities to test his recruits: the Dwarfs had sent an army into nearby Ekrund and were now making forays into Mount Bloodhorn. They'd found their way to Skarzag's warcamp and had been attacking it ever since.

Now greenskins from all across Bloodhorn were flocking to the camp. Orcs and Goblins loved nothing so much as a good fight and they were sure to get it here. This suited Skarzag just fine: the more new Bloody Sun Boyz he sent along the road to Eight Peaks to join the big Waaagh!, the better the chance he'd get in good with Warlord Grumlok.

Suddenly, the ground near Skarzag exploded upward, showering the Black Orc and his mount with sand and earth. The Wyvern shrieked angrily and flapped its leathery wings.

Atop the great stone lock near the camp, the Dwarfs had set up a bank of cannons. As Skarzag looked on, another of the Dwarf siege guns boomed, and a nearby hut burst into flaming splinters.

"Get dem Rock Lobbers loaded up, you gits!" roared the Boss. "Fill 'em wiv' gobos if you have to!"

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