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Greenskin Chapter 3

Greenskin Chapter 3 Destruction Storyline

A Stone's Throw from the Enemy

location: Kron-Komar Gap, Mount Bloodhorn

npc: Splinta

zone: Mount Bloodhorn

Public Quest: Kron Komar Gap

Public Quest: Sacred Grove

Public Quest:

previous chapter is: Lumber for the Lobbers

next chapter is: Screeb's Stunty Killin' Camp

Chapter Lore: Bruza and Splinta surveyed the damage from the recent Dwarf cannon barrage. One of the huts was on fire, but the Rock Lobbers were intact. Nearby, the Orcs and Goblins were all gathered near the edge of the camp, watching a contingent of Bloody Sun Boyz battle a Dwarf regiment down the slope from the camp. The Orcs bellowed and thumped their chests, cheering on their comrades.

A short distance away, across a narrow ravine, the Dwarfs had a camp of their own. Both sides of the gap had once been part of a single Dwarf village. The greenskins had claimed half of it when, during their march to assault the Gates of Ekrund, the Dwarfs had sprung an ambush. Now both sides had settled in for a fight, and had been lobbing cannonballs and boulders at each other ever since.

Bruza picked up a nearby barrel and smashed it on the ground at his feet. The other greenskins whirled about to see what was going on.

"Get back to work, you lazy gits!"

"You told 'em good, Boss!" said Splinta as the Orcs and Goblins scrambled to carry out their leader's orders. Just then, Splinta spied something moving along the road in the distance. He pointed excitedly.

"Look, Boss! Here comes another Orc on 'is way to da big Waaagh! Wot kind of job you gonna give 'im to do?"

Bruza glanced down at the Goblin beside him and narrowed his eyes. "Now why do I fink you got some ideas 'bout dat, Splinta?"

The goblin wringed his hands and grinned, revealing long, pointed teeth. There were lots of jobs to do here at Bruza's camp, which Splinta really fancied as his own, though he could never say so openly.

"Well, boss," the goblin said slyly, "we could use more of dem wolf skins for the Warcamp tents."

"Wot else?"

"Da Rock Lobbers need more rocks. One of da Gobs said we was runnin' out."

"I fink we should send da ladz to get some more rocks and some wolf skins," answered Bruza.

"Youse smart, Boss!"

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