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Greenskin Warcamp

Greenskin Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Screeb's Stunty Killin' Camp

location: Screeb's Stunty Killin' Camp, Mount Bloodhorn

npc: Screeb

zone: Mount Bloodhorn

Objective: The Lookout

Objective: Ironmane Outpost

Objective: Cannon Battery

Objective: Stonemine Tower

previous chapter is: A Stone's Throw from the Enemy

next chapter is: Tribal Warfare

Chapter Lore: "Boss Screeb! Look at dis! Look!"

Wurdagh hopped about excitedly and waved a crudely-drawn map in the air. Screeb, who was a slightly larger and vastly cleverer Goblin than Wurdagh, snatched the parchment and looked it over.

Wurdagh continued gibbering away as Screeb reviewed the map, which was a rough sketch of Mount Bloodhorn with a large red "X" near the top edge.

"I saw da stunties diggin' sumfink up in dis old stunty town wot's marked on da map. I fink it was sumfink important, 'cause dere was a lot of stunties guarding it!"

Screeb handed the map back to Wurdagh. "Take dis to da Orcs and tell 'em to go see wot da stunties is up to. While yer at it, make sure we get a Gob up on da lookout hill. If da stunties so much as scratch dere beards, I want to 'ear about it!"

'Right, boss!" Wurdagh rushed off to deliver the map to a crowd of Orcs on the other side of the camp. Suddenly, the roar of cannons sounded from somewhere nearby.

"Oi, Wurdagh! When yer done over dere, round up some of da Gobs and tell 'em to find where dem stunty cannons is!"

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