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Greenskin Chapter 4
zone: Ekrund

Greenskin Chapter 4 Destruction Storyline

Tribal Warfare

location: Gorgor's Smash, Ekrund

npc: Gorgor

zone: Ekrund

Public Quest: Broketoof Camp

Public Quest: Goldfist's Hole Recovery

Public Quest: Raider's Haven

Chapter Lore: Gorgor peered through the fog at the distant tower. The sound of war drums echoed from the mountain peaks. There was no doubt about it - the Broke Toof Orcs were getting ready to launch another attack.

The Black Orc Boss gripped the haft of his huge choppa. As far as he was concerned, the Broke Toofs couldn't get here soon enough. He hadn't had a good scrap in days.

When Warboss Grumlok picked him to be the Boss of the Bloody Sun Boyz' outpost high in the slopes of Ekrund, Gorgor was obedient, but disappointed.

Gorgor could still hear Warlord Grumlok's words echoing in his ears. "Yer job is to make sure da Bloody Sun Boyz follow dis road to Eight Peaks. You got dat, runt?" Grumlok was a titan of a Black Orc, easily twice Gorgor's size. Any objection would have been a death sentence.

Unfortunately for Gorgor, the greenskins had long ago conquered these lands. The only good fighting was far to the east in the Worlds Edge Mountains. Out here there was nothing to keep the Orcs busy but hunting mangy wolves, getting into fistfights and the occasional contest to see who could throw a Snotling the farthest.

That had all changed when the Broke Toof tribe moved into the area.

The Broke Toofs were one of the few tribes that hadn't pledged loyalty to Grumlok. Now all Bloody Sun Boyz were expected to kill them on sight. If Gorgor could wipe out these vermin, he might earn an invitation to join the big Waaagh! assembling at Eight Peaks.

Turning to the warriors assembled behind him, Gorgor barked out orders. "Get ready, boyz! Da Broke Toof Orcs is comin' back for more!"

"Boss, look! Stunties!"

The band of Orcs all turned as one to see where Sheemz, the camp's Goblin lookout, was pointing. Sure enough, a dozen or so Dwarfs were making their way down into the large quarry below the Orcs' camp. They were carrying mining gear and seemed not to have noticed the greenskins' presence yet.

The Broke Toof Orcs charged into view, kicking up great clouds of dust as they ran. Gorgor's luck had finally changed. At last, he and his lads would have a good scrap or two.

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