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Greenskin Chapter 5

Greenskin Chapter 5 Destruction Storyline

Something Happened on the Way to the Waaagh!

location: Da Big Sand, Barak Varr

npc: Nogaz

zone: Barak Varr

Public Quest: Danurgi's Rangers

Public Quest: Up the Creek Without a Battle

Public Quest: Firebeard's Slayers

previous chapter is: Tribal Warfare

next chapter is: Bonerender's Boyz

Chapter Lore: Stay put an' make sure any Orcs and Goblins wot come down dis road keeps marchin' to da Waaagh! You got dat, Jugag?

Warlord Grumlok's orders had been clear enough, and for a long time Jugag had no trouble following them. Most of the greenskins traveling along the road were more than happy to join the big Waaagh! at Eight Peaks. Grumlok had sent messengers to every tribe he knew about to invite them to the conquered Dwarf fortress that the Bloody Sun Boyz were now using as a staging ground. When Grumlok decided there were enough Orcs and Goblins assembled to begin his attack on the Dwarf capital, the great Waaagh! would march forth.

Of course, to join the Waaagh!, the tribes had to get to Eight Peaks first. Knowing how easily his kind could get distracted, Grumlok had stationed lookouts along all of the major roads that led to the Worlds Edge Mountains. Jugag was one of these, and until the One Tusks came along, he'd had no trouble with his task.

The One Tusks had been ambushed by Dwarfs and a cannon shell had exploded next to the head of their chieftain, Nogaz. Ever since then, he'd been muttering to himself about hearing the "drums of Mork" in his head. The drums, Nogaz decided, were Mork's way of telling him to forget the Waaagh! and attack the Dwarf city of Barak Varr instead. Grumlok wasn't going to like that one bit, Jugag knew.

But how could Jugag, who was small even for a Goblin, convince the One Tusks to ignore their own Boss and go to Eight Peaks?

Just then, the sound of battle reached the Goblin's ears. A gang of One Tusk Orcs was loading up a war barge on the beach nearby, but they'd been set upon by a band of Dwarf Rangers. The Tusks were outnumbered and taking heavy losses. Without help, they wouldn't last long.

This was Jugag's chance! If he could find some Bloody Sun Boyz to help fend off the Dwarfs, then those One Tusks would see who had the strongest tribe, and maybe then they'd go to the Waaagh!

Just then, Jugag spotted a figure in the distance coming toward him. Help had arrived at last! Jugag waved his arms frantically to get the attention of the approaching greenskin.

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