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Greenskin Chapter 6

Greenskin Chapter 6 Destruction Storyline

Bonerender's Boyz

location: Bonerender's Bash, Marshes of Madness

npc: Bonerender

zone: Marshes of Madness

Public Quest: Marsh Conquest

Public Quest: Battle at Blood Fen

Public Quest: The Specter of Battle

Chapter Lore: The wagon rolled slowly through the Marshes of Madness, its progress hindered by the squelching mud and slime. The sullen Dwarf driver had just began another of his boredom-relieving rituals, listing aloud all of his grudges in order to make sure he never forgot any one of them, when a band of Orcs clad in black and red charged out from behind some trees near the road.

As the Dwarf fumbled for his hammer, the largest of the Orcs leapt onto the wagon and with one brutal stroke of his choppa, lopped off the teamster's head.

Turning to address his band, the Orc leader bellowed out, "Right, you gits! Crack open dem chests an' crates and let's see what's in them. Gazbag wants to know what da stunties are up to in da marsh!"

As Grumlok's right-hand Goblin, Gazbag provided the brains to compliment the Warlord's brawn. The Shaman was both clever and immensely powerful, due in no small part to the magical amulet he'd been given by Malekith.

As the Bloody Sun Boyz prepared to launch their attack on the Dwarf capital, Gazbag had taken note of the Dwarfs' unusual activities. Word reached his ears that the Dwarfs had returned in force to Ekrund, and were sending carts along the road to Karaz-a-Karak. Now, the same thing had happened in the Marshes of Madness. The Dwarfs were clearly up to something, and Bonerender and his crew had been sent to find out what.

A high-pitched, squeaking voice came from the direction of the road. "Oi, Bonerender! One of da lads is comin' and he says Jugag sent him!"

The Orc leader turned to see where the frantic shouting was coming from. He spotted one of his Goblin sentries running down the road toward him.

Upon reaching the wagon, the Goblin paused to catch his breath, and then continued. "Dere's big trouble up norf, Boss! Da One Tusks are attackin' da stunty port instead of goin to da Waaagh! and Jugag needs 'elp to set 'em right!"

Bonerender grinned, revealing large tusks. "Rottoof, get some boyz together. Get up to da stunty port and do sumfink about 'dese One Tusks. In da meantime, dere's stunties in dis swamp wot needs dealin' wiv'!"

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