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Greenskin Warcamp

Greenskin Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Morth's Mire

location: Morth's Mire, Marshes of Madness

npc: Morth

zone: Marshes of Madness

Objective: Alcadizaar's Tomb

Objective: Goblin Armory

Objective: Fangbreaka Swamp

previous chapter is: Foultooth's Warcamp

next chapter is: Who's da Boss?

Chapter Lore: Morth watched as a large Orc approached, carrying a heavy sack. The Orc turned the sack upside-down, and a dozen Dwarf-made weapons clattered to the ground.

"Dis' 'ere's da latest haul from dat stunty cart we found. We'd 'ave got more, but da stunties showed up and ran us off. We's gonna need more Orcs if we's goin' to finish off da stunties."

Morsh looked over the weapons and nodded with approval. "Right den - get dese down to da Goblin workshop so we can turn 'em into choppas for da ladz. I've got more Orcs than I've got choppas to give 'em."

The Orc hesitated, and Morsh looked up. "Was dere somefin' else, Krug, or is you gonna do wot I's told yer before I bash yer 'ead?"

"Well Boss, I don't know wot it means but, we found one of dem old humie buildings - da kind wot's made of black rocks and has a funny smell."

"And?" asked Morsh impatiently.

"Well, dat Gob Snikkaz went diggin' found a glowy rock inside wot he says makes his Waaagh! magic a lot stronga. He says if da stunties find da glowy rocks, they could get stronga too, maybe even strong enough to finish us off."

"Is dat so? When yer done wiv dese choppas, grab some ladz and go make sure da stunties don't get near them glowy rocks!"

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