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Greenskin Chapter 7

Greenskin Chapter 7 Destruction Storyline

Who's da Boss?

location: Rootoof's Mugz, Barak Varr

npc: Rottoof

zone: Barak Varr

Public Quest: Bar Dawazbak

Public Quest: Burn Rock Tower

Public Quest: Gudrim's Veterans

previous chapter is: Morth's Mire

next chapter is: The Fall of Barak Varr

Chapter Lore: If we charge da stunty guns again, we's gonna get cut to pieces, Boss!

Gornash turned to face the pint-sized Goblin that had been following him around for an hour. "Lissen 'ere and lissen good, Gobsnik, cause I ain't tellin' you again. Nogaz is Boss of dis tribe, and if Nogaz says attack da stunty gate, then we attack da stunty gate!" With that, the Orc continued barking out orders to his warriors, forming them up for another charge.

For the One Tusk tribe, Barak Varr had been a series of disasters. Nogaz, the tribe's Chieftain, still talked about hearing the drums of Mork in his head, and he was convinced that the drums were the greenskin god's way of telling him to attack every stunty camp and outpost in the lands around the harbor. The Dwarfs were well-entrenched in Barak Varr, however, and repelled each assault with ease.

Nogaz seemed not to care; he ordered one suicidal attack after another. At Bar Dawazbak, a great wall of white stone that guarded the entrance to the Great Cove, the mad Orc leader insisted that his greenskins charge the gate despite having no ladders with which to climb it. As the Orcs tried in vain to scale the smooth stone wall, they were cut down by handgun and cannon fire from the Dwarfs defending the wall.

Suddenly, a cry went up from the right side of the battle line. The entire formation was falling apart amid a din of clashing choppas. Gornash snarled and called out, "Wot's goin on over dere?"

He got his answer when a large Black Orc emerged from the fray and charged right at him, knocking Gornash onto his back. Looming over the fallen One Tusk Orc, the assailant introduced himself.

"I'm Rottoof, and from here on in, da Bloody Sun Boyz in givin' orders. First, we're gonna build Rock Lobbers and attack dat gate the right way. When we get through da gate, we're gonna burn dat stunty port to da ground. When dat's done, you lot is gonna get back on da road to da Waaagh!, or you'll have us to deal wiv!"

Gornash got back to his feet and noticed that Rottoof was a full foot taller than he was. "We'll do wot you say, but when Nogaz 'ears about dis, he's gonna have your 'ead."

Rottoof grinned wickedly. "We're looking forward to meetin' him. Now, get your lads together and I'll tell you wot's the plan for takin' dis gate."

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