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Greenskin Chapter 8

Greenskin Chapter 8 Destruction Storyline

The Fall of Barak Varr

location: Bar Dawazbak, Barak Varr

npc: Malgrog

zone: Barak Varr

Public Quest: Grundadrakk's Wharf

Public Quest: Boarding the Seahammer

Public Quest: Fall of Firebrew

previous chapter is: Who's da Boss?

next chapter is: The Stunty Boss

Chapter Lore: With the leadership of the Bloody Sun Boyz, the One Tusks had broken through the Bar Dawazbak and forced the Dwarfs back into the Great Cove of Barak Varr. Now, the Dwarfs had nowhere left to retreat and could do nothing but wait for the inevitable siege to come.

The Bloody Sun Boyz and One Tusks swarmed into the Great Cove, but the Dwarfs were ready. After several barrages from the Thunderers, the greenskins fell back. Again, they attacked and were driven back, but each time a few more Dwarfs fell. The Orcs and Goblins had both time and numbers on their side. The Dwarfs, meanwhile, were losing warriors and ammunition, neither of which could be replaced while the Orc war barges blockaded the harbor.

Leading the greenskins' force at the Great Cove was Malgrog, a Bloody Sun Boyz Orc of enormous strength. Malgrog and the other Orcs had charged the Cove yet again, and the great cave echoed with the booming sound of cannon fire and the clash of steel. An acrid smoke hung in the air, the result of several barrages by the Thunderers. Malgrog kicked the corpse of the Ironbreaker he'd just fought with and laughed as the Dwarf's helmet went skittering across the stone and splashed into the water.

Three Goblins clad in black and red approached and saluted. "We's back, Boss!"

"Any of you lot find that stunty boss yet?" Malgrog's voice boomed in the great cavern.

The three Goblins shook their heads. "We ain't found him, Boss, but we found a lot of other stunties. It was a good scrap!" The other two Goblins nodded enthusiastically.

Malgrog grabbed one of the Goblins by the throat and lifted him into the air. "Dat wasn't the job I gave you, now was it?"

"Right you are, Boss, but dere's more!" squeaked the Goblin, gasping for breath. "We was askin' some of dem One Tusk gobs and dey said da stunty boss got on a big metal boat. Dey said he was out in da water attackin da barges, but his boat got stuck on da beach, and dat's why we can't find him here!"

"Den get searchin' da beaches! We gotta find dat stunty boss and kill 'im so we can show dese One Tusk gits once and fer all wot tribe is in charge. Now get to it, or I'll bite yer heads off!" With that, Malgrog dropped the Goblin to the ground.

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