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Greenskin Chapter 9

Greenskin Chapter 9 Destruction Storyline

The Stunty Boss

location: Mobash's Place, Barak Varr

npc: Mobash

zone: Barak Varr

Public Quest: Ironrock Point

Public Quest: Long Drong and the Slayer Cove

Public Quest: When the Ship Hits the Sand

previous chapter is: The Fall of Barak Varr

next chapter is: Missing Moonfangs

Chapter Lore: A crowd of One Tusk Orcs and Goblins stood on the beach staring in disbelief at the body of their fallen chieftain, Nogaz.

"Dat stunty boss was rock 'ard!" said one of the Goblins. Nogaz was a huge, powerful Orc and the battle with the Dwarf King had been an epic duel. In the end, it was the Dwarf who had prevailed, leaving the One Tusks leaderless and confused.

Nearby, several Bloody Sun Boyz Orcs were banging on the hull of the Dwarf ironclad that was beached near the spot where Nogaz had fallen. They had arrived just in time to see the Dwarf King climb inside after killing Nogaz. He had sealed the hatch behind him and the Orcs couldn't get it open again.

Several of the more enterprising Goblins had clambered up to the top of the broken vessel and were trying to climb in through the smokestacks, but to no avail. Attempts to launch Goblins into the tops of the smokestacks using Rock Lobbers were met with mixed success. Generally, a good portion of each individual Goblin made it into the smokestack, but never a whole one.

One of the Goblins had his ear to the vessel's hatch and was listening intently. "I can hear da stunties inside! It sounds like dere's a lot of 'em!" Several of the Orcs on the beach below growled and complained. They wanted badly to finish off the Dwarfs and were frustrated that they were so close by, but impossible to reach.

The largest of the One Tusk Orcs walked over to the gang of Bloody Sun Boyz and spoke. "Our Boss is dead, and we've got a lot more done wiv you lads giving orders den wot we ever did followin' im. If you can kill da stunty boss wot's holed up in dat boat, den da One Tusk tribe will join up wif da Bloody Sunz and get on to da Waaagh."

The leader of the assembled Bloody Sun Boyz stepped forward. "Right. Get yer lads together. We've got some work to do if we're gonna get dem stunties out of dat big metal boat!"

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