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Greenskin Chapter 10

Greenskin Chapter 10 Destruction Storyline

Missing Moonfangs

location: Moogz' Brawl, Black Fire Pass

npc: Moogz

zone: Black Fire Pass

Public Quest: Gassy Mines

Public Quest: Statue of Inspiration

Public Quest: Thardrik Smashin'

previous chapter is: The Stunty Boss

next chapter is: Bad Luck in the Badlands

Chapter Lore: Grik, go round da corner and see if dem stunty guns is still up on dat wall!

The Goblin hesitated and was about to protest when Argash stomped his large metal boot down just inches from the smaller creature's toes. Grik jumped a foot into the air, squeaked "Okay Boss!" and ran out the front door of the tower.

A moment later, the Orcs heard the booming sound of cannon fire.

"Sounds like dey is," remarked Moogz, another of the Orcs.

For nearly a week now, Argash and his band of Bloody Sun Boyz had been waiting to begin their attack on the Dwarf fort at Thardrik. The Dwarfs had several cannons protecting the gate, and the Bloody Sun Boyz would need help to get through it. Warlord Grumlok had ordered the Moonfang Goblins, who made their home in the Pass, to help with the attack.

Days turned to weeks and there was still no sign of the reinforcements. Meanwhile, more Dwarfs were arriving every day to defend the fort.

"I knew we was wrong to trust those gits!" roared Argash to no one in particular. "If I ever get my hands on one o' dem Moonfang Goblins, I'll throttle 'im so hard, he'll wish he'd gotten et by a Squig!"

Moogz roared and threw down his choppa. "What we waitin' round here for, den? Dere's Bloody Sun Boyz all over da pass right now. Let's go find some and give dese stunties a good scrap! Dis waitin' around is makin' me head hurt!" The other greenskins grunted in complaint. They hadn't had a good fight in days, and were growing impatient.

Argash rose up to his full height and stood nose-to-nose with Moogz. "I'm da Boss here, Moogz, and if you needs remindin', you'll get a fight right now!"

Moogz pointed behind Argash and said, "Oi Boss, look behind yer! I just saw one of dem Moonfangs right dere!"

Argash's temper got the better of his wits, and he turned and ran toward the spot Moogz had indicated. "Come 'ere, you stinkin' Gobs! I'll give you a good what fer, keepin me wait-"

Argash's sentence was cut short when a cannonball destroyed his head. His corpse slumped to the ground next to that of Grik.

"Well, that's that then," Moogz smiled wickedly. "Even without the Gobbos we's more than a match for dem stunties. Dere's more Bloody Sun Boyz comin' along dis road every day. Wiv a few more lads, we could give dese stunties a right bashin'. Oi, Fumpa! Bruk! Get out dere and find me some more Bloody Sun Boyz! Trug, go find out where dem Moonfangs is. Dere's scrappin' to do and I'm tired of waitin!"

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