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Greenskin Chapter 11

Greenskin Chapter 11 Destruction Storyline

Bad Luck in the Badlands

location: Trug's Hut, The Badlands

npc: Trug

zone: The Badlands

Public Quest: Fireforge's Camp

Public Quest: Revoltin' Gobbos

Public Quest: Mutant Exiles

previous chapter is: Missing Moonfangs

next chapter is: Torka's Boyz

Chapter Lore: Trug, go find out where dem Moonfangs is. Dere's stunties to bash and I'm tired of waitin!

Trug had done exactly what Moogz ordered him to, following the road south from Thardrik. Along the way he was expecting to find the Goblins of the Moonfang tribe, who were supposed to be marching north to join Moogz' band of Bloody Sun Boyz in their effort to clear out Black Fire Pass. The Pass had to be secured so all the tribes of Orcs and Goblins to the north could join the big Waaagh! at Eight Peaks.

As Trug continued his trek south, he had conscripted a few greenskins and now had a small band of his own. When they'd arrived in the Badlands, they began searching for the missing tribe of Goblins. Clues were everywhere, but just when Trug thought he'd found the trail, a caravan of Dwarfs appeared, catching the greenskins completely by surprise. After a brief skirmish, both sides fell back to build defenses, unsure of the full strength of the enemy.

As Trog pondered his next move, a Goblin walked into his tent that he had never seen before, though he was dressed in the colors of the Bloody Sun Boyz.

"Who's you and wot does ya want?" asked Trug.

"I's Skogrut, and I used to be a Moonfang. I'd joined da Bloody Sun Boyz now though, and I'm here to help you find the other Moonfangs."

Trug picked the Goblin up by his foot and carried him outside to the roaring fire in the middle of the camp. He held the Goblin over the flames and spoke with a menacing growl, "Tell me where dem Moonfangs is, or I'll let yer go and have ya fer a snack."

"D- Dey's not far, Boss! Da leader of da Moonfangs, 'is name's Spearkus, and he's trying to start a Waaagh! wiv dem Red Eye Night Goblins wot's in da big tunnel. It's just right nearby! I'll show ya!"

Trug tossed the Goblins aside and marched back to the tent for his choppa. When he emerged, he called out, "Gavver round, you lot! Dis Gob says 'e knows where da Moonfangs is hidin' and dat dey's planning to start up dere own Waaagh! We's gonna remind 'em all dat da only Waaagh! wot's goin' to happen is Boss Grumlok's Waaagh!"

Turning to Skogrut, Trug said, "Alright Gob - get talkin'! Tell us where dese Moonfangs fits is, and I won't have to cook ya!"

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