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Greenskin Warcamp

Greenskin Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Torka's Boyz

location: Blackteef's Boyz Warcamp, Black Fire Pass

npc: Torka

zone: Black Fire Pass

Objective: Goblin Artillery Range

Objective: Karagaz

previous chapter is: Bad Luck in the Badlands

next chapter is: Muggar's Choppaz

Chapter Lore: "Wot is you lot doin' comin' back 'ere when da battle's still goin'?" Torka made his annoyance clear by smacking one of the already-bloodied Orcs with the flat of his choppa.

"Boss, we's gonna need more lads! Dere's wild stunties in dat brew'ry, da ones wiv da red hair! Dey's run us off again."

Torka snorted angrily. "Where do I 'ave to look to find a proper Orc wiv' a spine round 'ere? Boss Grumlok wants control of da pass so da tribes up norf can get through and join the Waaagh! We can't take da pass while the stunties is usin' dat brewery as a base wot they can attack us from. So, let me make dis plain for you. Get the wild stunties out of dere so we can take the pass, or Warlord Grumlok's going to come pay us a visit!"

The Orcs turned around and marched in the direction of Bugman's Brewery, but Torka didn't guess they'd last very long. The Dwarfs had the brewery well-defended and were fighting with greater vigor than Torka has seen from a Dwarf in a long time. He guessed the brewery must be a place of great importance to them.

Just then a Goblin ran into the camp, gasping for breath. Torka waited impatiently to see what was so urgent that he needed to be interrupted.

When the Goblin had recovered from his run, he looked at Torka. "I got a message from Boss Grumlok. He wants to know if yer ladz have got da stunties out of da Black Fire Pass yet. He says if you ain't den he's gonna send someone who can get da job done."

Torka snarled angrily and kicked the breathless Goblin through the air.

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