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Greenskin Warcamp

Greenskin Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Muggar's Choppaz

location: Muggar's Choppaz, The Badlands

npc: Muggar

zone: The Badlands

Objective: Furrig's Fall

Objective: Bugman's Brewery

Objective: Thickmuck Pit

Objective: Gnol Baraz

previous chapter is: Torka's Boyz

next chapter is: The Enforcer

Chapter Lore: With a flash of green light and a thunderous noise, the Goblin Shaman obliterated a large boulder. Waving dust away from his face, Muggar shouted "Dat's some right strong Waaagh! magic you got dere, Grizzik."

The Goblin grinned and fished from his pocket a small bone. "I found dis in da big crater. Dere's even more of dem under da water. It's a magic bone wot' makes da Waaagh! strong. If we could get more of dese, dem stunties wouldn't be able to stop us!"

Muggar considered the plan. "Alright den, Griz - can you and your Gobs get da rest of da magic bones out of da water?"

"Yeah, Boss! We can make big buckets on ropes and fish out da bones, dat is, if you'll give us some big, strong Orcs wot can help us."

Muggar didn't have many Orcs to spare. Most had left to join the big Waaagh! at Eight Peaks, expecting the fight to be elsewhere. Instead, the Dwarfs had come to the Badlands, taking the greenskins by surprise. They were after something, but he didn't know what. What he did know was that they were fighting fiercely to defend an old, ruined Dwarf town, and that was where all of the action was. Still, the opportunity to blast the Dwarfs into bits the way Grizzik had just blasted apart the boulder was too good to miss.

"Alright Griz, get buildin'. I'll send some Orcs from da stunty town over to da crater. You better work fast, Gob! Dere's stunties to fight, and lots of 'em."

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