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Greenskin Chapter 12

Greenskin Chapter 12 Destruction Storyline

The Enforcer

location: Drok's Fist, Black Fire Pass

npc: Drok Gunash

zone: Black Fire Pass

Public Quest: Moonfang Remnant

War Camp: Grimbeard Station

Public Quest: Kolaz Umgal

previous chapter is: Muggar's Choppaz

next chapter is: A New Enemy

Chapter Lore: The huge Black Orc named Skargor stood nearly as tall as Grumlok. While the other greenskins watched, he held up the severed head of an Orc for all to see, then threw it down on the ground near his feet. With a swift motion, he raised a spiked boot and stomped hard, squashing the head like a grape.

"Dat's the end of Moogz," bellowed the big Orc. "You gits have made a right mess o' things, and I'm da Orc wot's been sent by old Grum himself to set tings right! Now lissen up if yer know wot's good for ya."

The crowd of Goblins and Orcs, all clad in Bloody Sun Boyz livery, leaned forward to listen intently.

"Dese Moonfang Gobbos fink dey can do whatever dey want, even if Gazbag tells 'em uvverwise. We's gonna show 'em wot happens to Gobbos dat disobey orders from da boss! Tonight we's gonna find dere camp and give 'em a proper Bloody Sun Boyz welcome wiv our choppas an' our stikkas."

The assembled greenskins were already itching for a fight, and every one of them cheered the good news.

"Den, we got stunties, humies, and Beastmen wot needs dealing wiv next, so don't fink you lot is gonna get a break, cause you ain't!"

Now the Orcs and Goblins howled with glee. The news was just getting better and better!

"An' if you lot can't get dis pass cleared out, den Boss Grumlok himself is gonna come an' find out what it takes to set you lads right!"

The cheering and howling were quickly replaced by whimpers and frightened looks.

"Dat's right," continued Skargor. "Da Big Boss don't want to come all da way out here just to cut da heads off you lousy maggots, now does he? So let's make sure he don't have to! Sharpen yer choppas, lads. Tonight we attack, an' we don't stop till dere ain't nuffink left alive in dis pass wot ain't wearin' a red sun! Now, who's da Orc wot's in charge of dis camp?"

The largest of the Bloody Sun Boyz from the camp walked forward. "Dat's me! My name's-"

Skargor swung his choppa with such speed and strength, the speaking Orc's head was cut clean in half.

"Da reason you lot was sent here was to get all da stunties an' humies out of da Pass. Dere's tribes comin' down from da norf to join da big Waaagh!, an' we don't want 'em getting' slowed down cause dey getting' ambushed all da time, does we?"

The rest of the Bloody Sun greenskins shook their heads emphatically.

Turning to his own crew, Skargor said, "Drok, you's da Boss here now. Make sure dese gits finish off da Moonfangs and clear out anyfing else wot's in da Pass dat ain't green."

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