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Greenskin Chapter 13

Greenskin Chapter 13 Destruction Storyline

A New Enemy

location: Gorthug's Chew, Black Fire Pass

npc: Gorthug

zone: Black Fire Pass

Public Quest: Altstadt

Public Quest: Priesterstadt

Public Quest: Sigmarite Temple

previous chapter is: The Enforcer

next chapter is: Skargor's Plan

Chapter Lore: Prie...ster...stad...t. Wot's dat mean? The Orc scratched his forehead with a grimy nail as he puzzled over the wooden sign planted in the mud by the road.

"Dat means humie town full of humie soldiers wot we get to fight!" answered the Goblin next to him, bouncing excitedly up and down as he did so.

From behind the pair, a larger Black Orc spoke. "Ripgut! Skitz! When you two gits is finished, we got humies to fight!"

"Right, Boss Gorthug!" answered the Goblin.

Gorthug was one of Skargor's crew. Skargor had been sent by Warlord Grumlok to take charge of the greenskins in Black Fire Pass, and he'd wasted no time in doing so. Gorthug's band had been tasked with the elimination of the Empire garrisons at Altstadt and Priesterstadt, as well as the towering Sigmarite Monastery where the refugees from both towns were taking shelter.

Most of the Empire's army had been sent north to meet the invading Chaos warhost. As a result, the southern lands of the Empire had been made vulnerable to attack. Black Fire Pass was a likely route of invasion for a greenskin aggressor looking for easy pickings, and the soldiers at Priesterstadt would move quickly to attack any sizable greenskin force attempting to move through the pass. The Dwarfs, too, had sent warriors into the pass to aid the Empire.

Invading the Empire, however, was not the greenskins' plan. Instead, they were moving to secure the Pass so that the greenskin tribes to the north and west of the Worlds Edge Mountains could travel to Eight Peaks and join the great Waaagh! that was assembling there.

"Alright you lot! You came 'ere to scrap, and dat's wot we's gonna do! Dere's a town full o' humie soldiers down dis road, so get movin'! Waaagh!"

The other greenskins echoed Gorthug's battle cry and charged toward the town. The Empire soldiers charged forward to meet them, and men and Orcs traded blows with choppas and swords.

Gorthug noticed that one of the men did not join the fight. Rather, he stood back some distance and watched. He was clad in a robe and carried a large, long-handled hammer. As Gorthug looked on, the robed man spoke and held his hand up. A pale light shone upon his comrades, and to Gorthug's amazement, the Empire soldiers' wounds closed up and stopped bleeding.

Gorthug growled and charged toward the robed man. The human raised his hammer and prepared to meet the onrushing Orc. With a great clash and a spray of sparks, the hammer and the choppa collided.

Thunder pealed in the sky above, and the battle raged on.

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