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Greenskin Chapter 14

Greenskin Chapter 14 Destruction Storyline

Skargor's Plan

location: Da Big Burn, Black Fire Pass

npc: Skargor

zone: Black Fire Pass

Public Quest: Blight Favored Cult

Public Quest: Blighted Herd

Public Quest: Kolaz Umgal Scouts

previous chapter is: A New Enemy

next chapter is: The Road to Treachery

Chapter Lore: Skargor surveyed the smoking ruin of blackened tree stumps, and nodded with satisfaction.

"'Dat's betta. Now if any more o' dem Beastmen or slimy fings tries to attack, we'll know dey's comin'."

"Yeah! An' dey won't have nowhere to hide when we comes after 'em, neither!" added Rorg da Basha, a smaller Orc.

Skargor swung one of his huge, muscular arms and knocked Rorg flat on his back. "Ain't dat wot I just said, Rorg?"

The Orc pulled himself up from the ground and said, "Dat's right, Skargor, cause you're da strongest an' smartest Orc." Rorg glared at Skargor for a moment, but averted his eyes when Skargor returned the look. Rorg was not nearly strong enough to challenge the larger Orc. A confrontation would end in his sudden and violent death.

"Take up dem sticks and beat da drums, Rorg. Let dese gits know we're comin' for 'em!" Rorg obeyed, and soon the rhythmic thumping of the Orcs' war drums echoed in the burned forest.

This Bloody Sun Boyz' campaign in Black Fire Pass was coming to an end. With Skargor's brutal leadership, the Pass had been scoured clean of all resistance save a few remaining pockets of Beastmen and other creatures of Chaos. Greenskins tribes from the north were pouring through the Pass and marching to Eight Peaks to join Warlord Grumlok. By the time the Waaagh! set out to attack Karaz-a-Karak, they would be a horde the size of which the Old World had rarely seen.

Skargor didn't mind not being there. His mission in Black Fire pass had been a success, and now the numerous tribes of Bloody Sun Boyz were taking their orders from him and his handpicked Bosses. Skargor was enjoying his newfound power and authority, and was in no hurry to give it up and return to Eight Peaks, where he'd just be one among thousands of other Orcs.

As the drums of war grew louder and the tempo increased, Skargor paced back and forth before his band of Orcs and Goblins. "Who's da biggest, strongest Orc 'ere?" he shouted.

"Skargor!" answered the greenskins with a roar.

"Who's be biggest, strongest Orc in da Black Fire pass?"

"Skargor!" shouted the greenskins even more loudly.

"An' who's da biggest an' strongest Orc in da Bloody Sun Boyz?"

Rorg stopped drumming, and for a long moment, none of the greenskins spoke. They knew the answer - it was Warlord Grumlok. Despite their general lack of intelligence, even the Orcs and Goblins knew better than to say that now.

"Well?" bellowed Skargor, taking his choppas in hand. "I'll lop da head of any one of you gits wot don't answer to me wiv 'Skargor!"

In unison, the greenskins cried out "Skargor!", though this time with much less enthusiasm. They knew full well the implications of what had happened. Since the Bloody Sun Boyz conquered Eight Peaks, Warlord Grumlok's leadership of the Bloody Sun Boyz tribe had gone unchallenged.

All of that was about to change.

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