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Greenskin Chapter 15

Greenskin Chapter 15 Destruction Storyline

The Road to Treachery

location: Red Dust Camp, Black Crag

npc: Grimgork

zone: Black Crag

Public Quest: Morkfang da Mad

Public Quest: Overtop Outpost

Public Quest: Valley of the Rangers

previous chapter is: Skargor's Plan

next chapter is: Bonechukka's Warcamp

Chapter Lore: "I'm not gonna ask you again. Who's da new Boss of the Bloody Sun Boyz?"

The Goblins cowered as the Orc loomed over them. "Skargor!" they cried out in unison.

"Dat's right. You stick wif Skar, an' you'll have plenty of stunties to fight. If I hear you've gone back to dat good-for-nuffink Grumlok, I'll be back to teach youse a lesson!"

The Goblins watched nervously as the Orc tromped away. When he was out of sight, Grimgork exhaled heavily. From the hut behind him, a taller Goblin emerged. He made no sound as he walked, and his face was half concealed by the hood of his red cloak. A large gold medallion hung from his neck. Grimgork could feel the magical power that emanated from the talisman; it made the hairs in his nose stand on end.

"How'd we do, Boss?" asked Grimgork nervously.

"You did good, Grimgork. You did good."

It had all started when Grumlok appointed Skargor as the leader of the Bloody Sun Boyz' forces in Black Fire Pass. At the time, Skargor was Grumlok's strongest enforcer, a huge Black Orc that was once himself a powerful tribal warlord. With ruthless efficiency, Skargor had rooted out the incompetent leaders and slain them. The other greenskins in Black Fire Pass quickly learned to fear and obey Skargor, and that power had clearly gone to his head.

With the greenskins of Black Fire Pass now loyal to him, Skargor had built up a small army of his own. He began to visit other camps of Orcs and Goblins and threaten them into joining his coup, but word of the Black Orc's treachery had spread quickly and now Gazbag had come to Grimgork's camp to deal with the insurrection personally.

Gazbag continued "I'll send some of da boyz to deal wif Skargor an' his lot. You keep dem stunties off da road, and keep an eye on Skargor and his lot. When my boyz get here, show 'em where to find Skargor, and they'll take care of da rest."

"Right, Boss Gazbag! We won't let ya down!" Grimgork had his own tribe to manage, and the last thing he wanted was to be caught up in a power struggle for leadership of the Bloody Sun Boyz.

As Gazbag spoke, one of the other Goblins in the camp crept up stealthily behind him. Grimgork was about to call out a warning, but he was curious to see what would happen. The brave Goblin reached around to snatch the medallion from around Gazbag's neck, but the moment he touched it, he yelped in surprise and exploded in a ball of green flame.

Gazbag cast a scolding glance at Grimgork, who looked away sheepishly. Raising his staff high above his head, the red-cloaked Shaman did a short dance and then vanished in a flash of green.

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