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Greenskin Warcamp

Greenskin Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Bonechukka's Warcamp

location: Mudja's Warcamp, Thunder Mountain

npc: Saggrutz Bonechucka

zone: Thunder Mountain

Objective: Squiggly Beast Pens

Objective: Lobba Mill

Objective: Rottenpike Ravine

Objective: Madcap Pickins

Objective: Ironskin Skar

Objective: Badmoon Hole

previous chapter is: The Road to Treachery

next chapter is: The Orc Who Would be Boss

Chapter Lore: Saggrutz Bonechukka looked at a crudely-fashioned map of Thunder Mountain, and then picked a large lump of green wax out of his ear, flicking it onto the map.

Saggrutz pointed to a spot on the map where the words "STUNTY BIG GUNZ" was written, then looked down at the Goblin standing beside him.. "Right, now tell us wot was goin on 'ere, Frazza."

Frazza clambered up onto the rock to get a better look at the map. "Dat's were da big stunty guns is, boss! Some is as big as huts! They got em workin', too. Dey blasted a big hole in a cliff - bigger den anything da Waaagh! can make."

"Sounds like trouble. Malgrut, you go check on dem stunty big guns. Rogash, round up some Black Orcs and go to every place where we know da shiny rocks is. You find any stunties, you know wot to do. Now Frazza, wot's dis bit 'ere mean?"

Saggrutz now pointed to a map notation that read "DA CARTS WOT WE WRECKT"

The Goblin waved his arms excitedly as he replied. "Dat was a right good scrap! Da stunties was comin round a bend, and me an' da other Gobs rolled some rocks down onto 'em and knocked over da carts. Dem stunties was mad somefink fierce, but we had lots more Gobs den da stunties had... er, stunties."

"Ya done good, Fraz, so today, you don't get et. Get back down dere and watch for more stunties, and maybe you don't get et tomorrow!"

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