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Greenskin Chapter 16

Greenskin Chapter 16 Destruction Storyline

The Orc Who Would be Boss

location: Da Great Big Food Pot, Black Crag

npc: Mugash

zone: Black Crag

Public Quest: Ambush Canyon

Public Quest: A Wyvern in the Hand

Public Quest: Skargor da Traitor

previous chapter is: Bonechukka's Warcamp

next chapter is: Distant Thunder

Chapter Lore: Skargor stood upon a tall, rocky outcropping, two Goblins at his side. Each was an emissary from a nearby tribe. The three greenskins looked out across a landscape crisscrossed with wide, yawning canyons. Skargor pointed toward a tall column of smoke. Several Wyverns circled in the sky above it.

"Dat's da camp where da Bloody Sun Boyz wot still follow Grumlok is. Dat's da camp I's goin' to take over. Dey'll fight hard to hang onto it, an' dat means more scrappin' for us! If your tribes help me capture dat place, you can be my best boyz when I's da new Big Boss!"

The two Goblin emissaries nodded and grunted their consent.

"Da Morkmoons will join up wif ya if you can promise our lads a good scrap, and a cut o' da shinies when it's over," said one of the Goblins.

The other Goblin replied "Da Grimgorks'll join ya if you can keep Grumlok and dem loyal Bloody Sun Boyz off our backs. If Grumlok an' Gazbag come out here, we's hidin'! Oi, ho's dat comin' now? Looks like some of your Bloody Sun Boyz, Skar!"

The Goblin pointed along the ridge, where a band of Orcs was trotting toward the three, choppas in their hands.

Skargor sniffed the air, then snarled. They were Bloody Sun Boyz, but not any of his crew. These were loyal to Grumlok, and they were closing fast.

"You lot get back to your camps and tell your boyz to get ready for a fight. I'll deal wif dese Orcs myself!"

As the Goblins ran, the crackle of gunfire erupted from below. A patrol of Oathbearers had spotted the approaching band of Bloody Sun Boyz and were firing at them. Suddenly, a shadow passed overhead. A Wyvern, drawn by the sound of the conflict, dipped low and scooped up one of the approaching Bloody Sun Orcs, dropping him to his death before diving again to eat his catch.

Skargor laughed heartily. So much for Grumlok's boyz!

The traitorous Black Orc took his huge, spiked mace in hand and charged toward the embattled band of Bloody Sun Boyz. Grumlok's search party was pinned down by the gunfire and the Wyvern was having its way with them.

With a mighty swing of his mace, Skargor smashed in the head of an Orc, and then kicked his corpse from the cliff's edge. As the other Orcs turned to confront him, the Wyvern dove again and snatched one of their number away in its talons. Another round of gunfire from behind them, and two more Orcs went down.

That was enough to break the last few Orcs in the search party. They turned and fled along the ridge, the Wyvern chasing after them.

"You lot's no betta than Snotlings! Next time, bring some real boyz wif ya!" shouted Skargor as they fled.

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