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Greenskin Chapter 17

Greenskin Chapter 17 Destruction Storyline

Distant Thunder

location: Hot Foot Boyz, Thunder Mountain

npc: Slagrot

zone: Thunder Mountain

Public Quest: Gutbashed Gnoblars

Public Quest: Reichert's Raiders

Public Quest: Und-a-Runki

previous chapter is: The Orc Who Would be Boss

next chapter is: The Battle of Grudzag

Chapter Lore: "Waaagh!"

The band of Orcs cried out in unison, weapons and shields held high in triumph. The lifeless bodies of a dozen Ogres lay crumpled on the dusty ground nearby. The corpses were covered in cuts and gashes, and several were missing limbs, heads or both.

"Now dat was a scrap, eh lads?" spoke the group's leader, Slagrot. The Orcs answered by banging their choppas on their shields and bellowing out their battle cry once again.

"Dis ain't da last we've seen of dese Ogres. Dey'll be back, and wif a lot more next time. Set up a camp near da big stunty door, and we'll get ready for da next scrap!"

While the other greenskins began searching for materials with which to build huts and fires, one of the smaller Orcs approached Slagrot with an inquisitive look, which consisted of pulling at his lower lip with one finger, and scratching his forehead with another.

"Er, 'ey dere Boss, wot do you fink's behind dat big stunty door?"

"I fink it don't matter, Kulmug. Da Waaagh! is comin' through 'ere. We got orders to clear out Thunder Mountain and get rid of anyfink wot might slow down da boyz. We ain't got time for diggin' holes, so get to work before I make an example of ya!"

Kulmug sulked and walked away, sure there was an army of stunties waiting inside the massive stone door, and now he and the others wouldn't be able to fight them.

Slagrot surveyed the landscape in all directions. The earth has a ruddy red-brown color here, and the air carried a sulfurous odor. There was only earth and stone as far as the eye could see; nothing grew this close to the volcano the Orcs called Thunder Mountain.

At long last, the Bloody Sun Boyz were setting out from Eight Peaks to attack the heart of the Dwarf lands. Slagrot wished he could be there to see the huge greenskin army erupt from the depths of the captured Dwarf hold, with Grumlok and Gazbag leading the charge.

Just a few days before the great horde of Orcs and Goblins was to march, Warlord Grumlok had sent for Slagrot and given him 'a job wot's important, so don't muck it up'. The task was simple enough: clear a path for the Waaagh! through Thunder Mountain. Grumlok planned to drive his army hard to the Dwarf holds, and it was Slagrot's job to eliminate all distractions along the way.

Distractions, of course, meant anything that the greenskins could fight.

A distant rumble, was followed by a slight tremor in the earth beneath the Orcs' feet. Streams of pebbles trickled down from tall spires of rock nearby, stirring up small clouds of dust. Slagrot looked toward the peak of the distant volcano. A dark plume of ash rose up from the cone and was lit by flickers of blue lightning.

"Old rumbla's wakin' up," muttered Slagrot. He decided he liked the volcano; it was loud and destructive, just like he was.

Turning to his boyz, Slagrot shout "Right, you scabby, good-for-nuffink bunch! Let's go find sunfink else to smash!"

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