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Greenskin Chapter 18

Greenskin Chapter 18 Destruction Storyline

The Battle of Grudzag

location: Da Scrappin' Camp, Thunder Mountain

npc: Brugg One-Eye

zone: Thunder Mountain

Public Quest: Da Drakk Cult

Public Quest: Gutbash Tribe Stronghold

Public Quest: Flamerock Mine

previous chapter is: Distant Thunder

next chapter is: Shaz's Strong Huts

Chapter Lore: A heavy metal object the size of a head bounced off of Brugg's shield. Brugg realized that it actually was a human's helmeted head, and that made him laugh.

One of the boyz fell hard when three of the crazed Drakk cultists with hammers went to work on him. Brugg swung his choppa around as fast as he could, and its cruel, jagged edge sliced through the the three attackers with a wet, crunchy noise.

A cultist with gray hair leapt forth and plunged a dagger into Brugg's neck. The Orc Warboss roared at the crazed human, kicked him hard in the groin, and then hacked one off his arms off. More cultists swarmed toward Brugg, determined to take down the most threatening Black Orc on the field of battle. Behind them, several Ogres tromped forward to join the fray.

Following Warlord Grumlok's orders, Brugg and his contingent of Bloody Sun Boyz had set up camp near Cinderfall, an area of Thunder Mountain covered in ash and crisscrossed by rivers of hot magma. Since the great Waaagh! would pass by this region, Brugg had ordered his boyz to clear the place out, but at the time he'd had no idea that Cinderfall was home to a cult of half-mad Dragon-worshippers and their Ogre bodyguards.

It was some of the best fighting he'd ever kniown, and he reveled in every moment of it.

"Come on, you lit'l 'umies! Bringer dem Gutbash Ogres wif ya, I's strong enough to take on all of youse!" thundered Brugg.

Brugg refused to die. Dozens of slash marks criss-crossed his plate armor, much of which was now dangling from the crudely-fashioned leather straps that laced it together. Brugg felt terrible pain, and his field of vision was red and fuzzy with rage, but he did not relent. One cultist after another heard his roar and felt the sting of his crudely-fashioned blade, yet more and more came. There seemed no end to them.

Meanwhile, the Ogres were were exacting a heavy toll from the rest of Brugg's forces. They alternated between smashing the Orcs and Goblins with their tree trunks, cannon barrels and other improvised weapons, and simply picking them up and biting their heads off.

"Oi Boss!" said a nearby Goblin. "We's got to get outta here! We hasn't got enough boyz for dis! We needs more!"

Brugg whirled about, his eyes wide. With a roar, he smashed the creature under his large, gauntleted fist. "Don't you tell me wot to do wif my boyz, Drebbin! I's da Orc wot's in charge 'ere!"

As he wiped green gore from his fist, Brugg shouted new orders to the other Orcs and Goblins. "Dat's enough for today, you lot! Get back to camp, all of youse! We'll come back an' finish off dese 'umies tomorrow!"

Drebbin had been right, of course. The Bloody Sun Boyz were overmatched in Cinderfall, but only for the time being; more greenskins joined the fight every day as the Waaagh! marched closer.

"You was right, Drebbin," said Brugg to the flattened corpse that lay at his feet. "It's too bad you won't be 'round to see us crush dese 'umies once an' fer all!"

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