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Greenskin Warcamp

Greenskin Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Shaz's Strong Huts

location: Gudmud's Strong-Huts, Black Crag

npc: Shaz Da Bleeda

zone: Black Crag

Objective: Thargrim's Headwall

Objective: Doomstriker Vein

Objective: Gromril Kruk


Objective: Bloodfist Rock

Objective: Karak Karag

previous chapter is: The Battle of Grudzag

next chapter is: Mudje da Feerse

Chapter Lore: "I'm Shaz da Bleeda, and as of now, I'm da Boss in dis 'ere camp. You lot got dat?"

The company of Orcs that had gathered to watch Shaz challenge their former leader - who now lay in several pieces scattered around Shaz' feet - roared their approval and beat their shields with their choppas.

"Right, now lissen up, cause dere's lots to do. Boss Grumlok wants da crag cleared out. Any stunties or beasties wot give you trouble, give 'em some back, and make sure you finish 'em. I want ladz in Howling Gorge and Rottenpike Ravine. If da stunties try to come through dere, make 'em regret it!"

The assembly of warriors cheered once again, their cries of "Waaagh!" echoing throughout the ravines and canyon of the crag.

"One last fing. Dere's some stunty guns in an old ruined keep wot's not far from 'ere. If da stunties get in dere, den it's trouble for all of us. Make sure dey don't!"

The warriors nodded and grunted.

"Right den!" said Shaz. "Now, I'm gonna need some Orcs wot can take charge and get fings done. Get your choppas, ladz - let see who's da biggest and da strongest out of all you lot!"

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