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Greenskin Chapter 19

Greenskin Chapter 19 Destruction Storyline

Mudje da Feerse

location: Da Big Bones, Thunder Mountain

npc: Fudja Mudnose

zone: Thunder Mountain

Public Quest: Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin

Public Quest: Undercroft of the Blisterclaw

Public Quest: Ruins of Mingol Kurdak

previous chapter is: Shaz's Strong Huts

next chapter is: Surprise Attack

Chapter Lore: Keebsta looked down at the proud and bloodied Dwarf as the other Orcs and Goblins fell upon him to remove his shinies and clip off his beard. Another Dwarf attempt to storm the greenskin camp had failed, as Keebsta had predicted it would.

The Dwarf hollered and roared as Keebsta's Gobbos tore off the mostly-severed beard with a loud ripping sound. Keebsta looked down at the freshly-shorn Dwarf with contempt. Keebsta spat on the Dwarf and bent down to whisper in his face.

"Where ya friends, stunty?" he hissed. "Do ya still think ya can take Thunder Mountain away from da Bloody Sun Boyz? Do ya fink ya can stop da Waaagh! o' da Bloody Sun Boyz?"

The Dwarf's face contorted and he began to shout something back at the Goblin Shaman that could not be understood. Keebsta supposed it was a stunty curse of some sort.

"What's ta do next, Keebsta?" asked Yugget, one of the Goblin spearmen. "Yer da enforcin' git, and more stunties is comin'."

Keebsta glanced over at his Warboss, Mudja da Feerse, who busied himself picking his nose while kicking stones over the edge of the cliff by the Bloody Sun warcamp. Nothing useful ever came out of Mudja's mouth, but he was the biggest and strongest Orc in the camp, and so Slagrot had put him in charge.

The Bloody Sun Boyz' mission to clear a path for the great Waaagh! was going well. Thunder Mountain was filled with enemies, but the Orcs and Goblins had been brutally efficient in wiping them out. They'd cut a wide swath right through the heart of the volcanic landscape, leaving nothing but mounds of corpses in their wake.

"Oi, Boss Mudja," called out Keebsta. "Didn't you say we should send some Gobbos to trick dem stunties, an' lead 'em right into our Black Orcs?"

Mudja stared blankly for a moment, then answered. "Er, dat's right! Dat was my plan, cause I's cleva!"

"You sure is!" answered Keebsta with enthusiasm. Then, turning to Yugget, he said "Get some Gobbos together an' have em charge at the stunties, then turn an' run away. When da stunties follow 'em, tell 'em to run toward da Black Orcs, Dem big Orcs'll take care of da rest."

Keebsta watched Yugget run off to carry out his orders. He secretly hoped to survive this part of the war and start his own Goblin tribe, but that day would never come if he didn't prop up Mudja and prevent some other Warboss from taking over. Mudja was stupid enough not to be a threat to the clever Goblin, and Keebsta wanted to keep it that way.

Something poked at Keebsta's shoulder from behind, and he spun around to see Mudja staring down at him, a long, wet strand of drool hanging from the side of his mouth.

"I's 'ungry, Gobbo, and youse lookin' tasty!"

"Oi, Yugget!" shouted Keebsta quickly. "When youse done over dere, come back. Boss Mudja wants to see ya!"

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