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Greenskin Chapter 20

Greenskin Chapter 20 Destruction Storyline

Surprise Attack

location: Naguk's Cold Camp, Kadrin Valley

npc: Naguk

zone: Kadrin Valley

Public Quest: Baradum

Public Quest: Burnbeard's Oath

Public Quest: Kazad Urbar

previous chapter is: Mudje da Feerse

next chapter is: Hut-Burna's Scrappin' Spot

Chapter Lore: Small flakes of snow drifted lazily down from the slate-grey sky as the lone man rode slowly along the winding mountain road. He was clad in the Order of the Griffon's livery, and bore the rank of Captain. Ahead of him, a band of Dwarf Slayers awaited his arrival. His business was urgent, but he dared not ride faster. The road was treacherous here, and a fresh blanket of snow obscured the uneven ground. If he spurred his horse on, he risked the animal's legs, and he could not afford to be without a mount.

At last, the Captain reached the Slayers. He climbed down from the saddle and nodded curtly to the grim-faced Dwarfs.

"What's yer trouble, manling?" The Slayer who spoke had a long beard tied in braids. He bore twice as many scars as those he was with, and twice as many wrinkles lined his forehead.

"My men have succumbed to the plague. Half at least are lost to us by now. We will be unable to watch the southern approaches for much longer. I will need reinforcement if I am to hold the road."

The elder Slayer grumbled disdainfully as he sized up the Captain. He made no effort to mask his disappointment in the frailty of the Empire's soldiers. The Dwarfs, like the High Elves, were immune to the plague.

"There is more," said the Captain. He hesitated as he sought the right words. It was clear to the Slayers that he had saved the worst news for last.

"My outriders report that the greenskins are no more than a day's march from Kadrin Valley. They have circumvented the southern defensive perimeter entirely, and are approaching the main Dwarf holds from the north instead. It seems that they plan to assault Karak Kadrin first, and then steer south to assault your capital from the north, where it is most vulnerable."

The Slayer's stony expressions gave way to wide-eyed surprise. When the greenskin horde passed through Thunder Mountain, the Dwarfs had prepared their capital for an attack from the south. It would take considerable time to reorganize those defenses.

"Good," said the old Slayer. "Let them come, it'll save us the trip. I'll send ye what men I can spare, Captain, but it won't be much. We've got a battle to prepare for."

The Slayers marched away to warn their brothers at Karak Kadrin of the impending attack. Though the Dwarfs had said nothing of it, the Captain knew the Orcs' change in strategy had caught the Dwarfs completely by surprise. It was unlike the greenskins to demonstrate such a grasp of strategy. Typically, they just barreled toward the nearest target in a great, disorganized mob. Rumor held that warlord Grumlok had a Goblin Shaman at this side who were sharper and more cunning than most of his kind, and who was steering the Bloody Sun Boyz' actions.

If the Orcs had managed to leverage their reckless strength with shrewd military strategy, the Dwarfs could be at a far greater disadvantage than anyone realized.

"And," came the next grim through to the Captain's mind, "if the Dwarfs fall, we will be next."

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