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Greenskin Warcamp

Greenskin Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Hut-Burna's Scrappin' Spot

location: Krung's Scrappin' Spot, Kadrin Valley

npc: Odug Hut-Burna

zone: Kadrin Valley

Objective: Hardwater Falls

Objective: Icehearth Crossing

Objective: Gromril Junction

Objective: Dolgrund's Cairn

Objective: Karaz Drengi

Objective: Kazad Dammaz

previous chapter is: Surprise Attack

next chapter is: Now or Never

Chapter Lore: A ferocious blizzard had descended on Kadrin Valley. Six Orcs huddled together in a snow-filled ditch, waiting in ambush. They paid no heed to the pellets of ice and snow driven by the shrieking winds, and the biting cold was no distraction for them. They were focused intently on a set of train tracks that ran past their hiding place just a few yards away.

A low rumbling sound could heard growing steadily louder over the howling gale. The Orc leader shouted over the noise. "Dis is it, ladz! Da stunty train is comin'! Remember what da Boss said - we jump on, take care of da stunties, den wreck the train!"

The sound, however, changed to a strange, repetitive thumping that the Orcs did not at first recognize. As it grew louder, it became clear that the noise was coming not from the train tracks, but from the sky overhead. Several Gyrocopters burst from the low-hanging clouds, descending rapidly. The Orcs watched as the flying machines pitched and heaved to and fro, battered by the strong gusts of wind. Finally, the Gyrocopters plunged into a valley not far away.

"Oi, Gromspit, let's go check dat out!" said one of the Orcs excitedly.

"We's got a job to do 'ere first, Gashrot. You get back to da camp an' tell Krung bout dem stunty fliers. Some of da other lads can 'ave a look."

"All da other lads is out fightin at the wild stunty fort, or attackin' da train station. We should go and look, Boss!"

Gromspit picked his choppa up off of the ground and brandished it menacingly. "Or, you can just do wot I told yer and keep all your arms and legs!"

As Gashrot ran back to the warcamp, Gromspit looked up and down the track. The train should be here any minute now, and when it passed, the stunties would be in for a little surprise.

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