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Greenskin Chapter 21

Greenskin Chapter 21 Destruction Storyline

Now or Never

location: Ug's Warband, Kadrin Valley

npc: Gashfang

zone: Kadrin Valley

Public Quest: Battlegut Ogres

Public Quest: Clarion Tower

Public Quest: Duraz Dok

previous chapter is: Hut-Burna's Scrappin' Spot

next chapter is: The Slayer's Last Stand

Chapter Lore: Gashfang looked with satisfaction over the greenskin forces arrayed before him. The Orcs and Goblins were lined up in ranks, ready for battle. It had taken nearly half the day, and several false starts, to come to this point. Numerous fights had broken out among the different regiments, and more than once, the entire army had nearly devolved into a bloody melee.

Finally, everything was ready for the attack on the Dwarf outpost. Once that was destroyed, the way to the Slayer Keep would be clear.

Suddenly, a huge black shadow passed over the greenskin army, followed by three others. Several arrows whistled down, piercing a handful of unfortunate Goblins.

The greenskins all looked skyward to see who had attacked them. At the sight of the four Great Eagles and their High Elf riders, the Goblins panicked, scattering in all directions while crying "Da pointy-ears! Da pointy-ears is here! Run!"

As the Goblins charged through the nearby formations of Orcs, the larger warriors swatted at them. One Orc struck another standing next to him, and in return, was bashed in the head with a closed fist. Gnashfang roared in frustration as the entire army devolved into a savage brawl once again, the Orcs eagerly pounding on, or chopping at, any creature within reach while the Goblin ran around screaming..

The Great Eagles landed nimbly on a Dwarf tower perched high on a nearby overlook. The High Elf riders dismounted and took aim with their bows. From their vantage point the Elves would have no trouble hitting the Orcs and Goblins. Gashfang knew that if the greenskins did not strike now, they would be broken without a chance to fight back.

"Attack da stunty fort, you lot, or I'll finish you off myself!" shouted the Orc leader over the din of battle. Gashfang drew his choppas and charged toward the Dwarf outpost. The rest of the greenskin horde followed behind him.

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