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Greenskin Chapter 22

Greenskin Chapter 22 Destruction Storyline

The Slayer's Last Stand

location: Badrot's Bashin' Place, Kadrin Valley

npc: Badrot

zone: Kadrin Valley

Public Quest: Beer Barrel Bash

Public Quest: Duraz Deb

Public Quest: Slayer Keep

previous chapter is: Now or Never

next chapter is: Butcher Pass

Chapter Lore: With a mighty crash, the iron doors of Karak Kadrin burst open. Scores of Black Orcs poured through the breach, flooding into the wide entryway. The Orcs surged forward, but quickly lost momentum when they realized that the enemy was nowhere to be seen. The brutish green warriors looked in every direction, but the great hall of the keep was empty. Or rather, almost empty, for at the far end of the long stone hall, a lone Dwarf sat on a great throne.

His beard was a fiery red, braided and bound in clasps of gold. A horned helm crested with a great plume of red hair sat atop his brow, and an enormous double-bladed axe lay at his feet.

King Ungrim Ironfist rose to his feet and took the mighty axe in his hands. "What are ye waitin' for,? Come and taste Dwarf steel!"

With a roar, the Black Orcs charged forward. When they were nearly to the throne, there came a great cheer, and scores of Slayers suddenly burst forth from the chambers adjoining the great hall on both sides.

The Slayers smashed into the flanks of the onrushing Orcs, hewing them apart with savage strokes. As the Orcs reeled from the onslaught, King Ironfist leapt down from his throne. Severed limbs and heads flew in all directions as the Slayer King swung his massive axe with unfathomable strength.

Finally, hours later, the last of the Black Orcs was slain and the Slayers gathered around their King as he approached the wrecked iron doors that the Orcs had broken through. Outside, the night was cold and a chill wind howled around the stony walls of Karak Kadrin. On the cliff opposite the hold, a great army of greenskins was preparing for a siege.

"Bring Engineers to repair the doors. We'll make our stand on the bridge." His Slayers hurried inside to carry out his orders. When the King was alone, he swore an oath to the night air.

"If we are to die, then by Grimnir's horned helm, we will die well!"

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