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Greenskin Fortress Destruction Storyline

Butcher Pass

location: Butcher Pass

zone: Butcher's Pass

Undefined: Fortress Lord, Grumtusk Da Ravager

previous chapter is: The Slayer's Last Stand

Chapter Lore: The fortress of Butcher's Pass is a sprawling settlement as large as any castle town. Original the greenskins there simply occupied the remains of the Dwarf keep there, but eventually they grew so numerous that they began adding onto the ruins wherever they could. More and more huts and towers sprung up with the ruins, and the central keep grew larger and larger, rising from fort to fortress in a matter of week. Now nearly three keeps built atop one another, the central bastion of Butcher's Pass is both the home of its boss, Grumtusk Da Ravager, as well as a mammoth fighting pit.

At such rambling dimensions, the fortifications of Butcher's Pass should prove impenetrable attackers, for even if they were to breach the walls, few would have any idea where to go or what to attack next.

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