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Bastion Stair

location: Strangled Grasp, Chaos Wastes

npc: Rakkoth Doomfist

zone: Bastion Stair

previous chapter is: Mount Gunbad

next chapter is: The Lost Vale

Chapter Lore: The foul winds whipping across the Chaos Wastes carry with them a faint charnel scent and tortured screams. Those who in their madness or lust for power follow the winds to their source will eventually come to the horned gate of the Bastion Stair, and gaze at last upon the insane creation of a violent god.

Erected by the malicious will of the Lord of Skulls, the Bastion Stair towers over a twisted and torn landscape, walls stained red with the blood of countless sacrifices. Stairs never meant for human feet climb toward burning skies where the vague outline of the Bastion itself can barely be seen, and beyond, the faint flickering light of the Rift of Rage. It is the rift which draws both Order and Destruction to this place, for it is a source of Chaos power unequaled in the world. With it the servants of Tzeentch could remake the world in the twisted image of their dark god, a possibility the defenders of the Empire must obliterate.

Those who have the courage to enter the Bastion Stair soon find themselves in an antechamber of horrors; a cavernous, brass-lined room dominated by a fanged skull from whose mouth pours molten brass. Three doorways lead to the outer reaches of the dungeon, dizzying stairways that twist and wind throughout the chaos-infused structure, each home to one of Khorne's loyal armies and presided over by a hand-picked champion of that dark god.

A final ascent atop the Steps of Fury awaits the survivors of the Bastion Stair, and five sealed gates separate would-be conquerors from their ultimate prize. Only by invoking the power of Khorne and defeating his daemonic legions can one pass the gates, and only then may they challenge for the true power of the Rift of Rage.

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