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Chaos Chapter 2
zone: Norsca

Chaos Chapter 2 Destruction Storyline

Rite of Passage

location: The Sorcerer's Axiom, Norsca

npc: Haldar

zone: Norsca

Public Quest: Holmsteinn Revisited

Public Quest: Suderholm

Public Quest: Destruction of the Weak

previous chapter is: Proving Ground

next chapter is: Fearless Resistance

Chapter Lore: From atop a tall hill, Haldar surveyed the lands to the south. A long path of burned trees and ruined land stretched like a great, jagged scar before him. In the distance, tall columns of gray smoke rose into the air where the fires still blazed. The young warrior's heart leapt - just a few hours' travel and he would catch up to the warhost. Then, he could show Brunald his trophies of war and take his rightful place among the men of the tribe.

With renewed urgency, Haldar began to make his way back down the steep slope. He had traveled on foot for many days, racing to catch up with the great army of warriors from the north. When the host had passed the village of Thorsham, Lord Tchar'zanek had decreed that all young tribesmen who had not yet made their first kill were to assault the village and prove their worth. Haldar had claimed three hands in the ensuing carnage - more than enough to merit his acceptance as a true warrior.

Several hours later, Haldar arrived at the encampment of the Warhost. What once had been a wide clearing in the dense forest of pine was now a smoking ruin. The carcasses of livestock were strewn about, having been thoroughly picked over for meat. A large swath of ground had been burned in the shape of a great star with eight points.

"Haldar!" It was Brunald, senior warrior in the tribe, who spoke. "You have returned, and not empty-handed, I see! What have you brought?"

Haldar emptied his pouch onto the charred ground, beaming with pride.

Brunald looked over the grisly trophies and nodded with approval, then clasped a strong hand around the youth's shoulder. "At last, you are a man of the Dolgan tribe! Tonight join will feast with the elders! Tomorrow, there is much to do. A great battle lies ahead, and we must make ourselves ready."

Haldar nodded. Now that he had tasted battle, he was eager for more.

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