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Chaos Chapter 3
zone: Nordland

Chaos Chapter 3 Destruction Storyline

Fearless Resistance

location: Death's Brink, Nordland

npc: Volshehk

zone: Nordland

Public Quest: Pillage and Plunder

Public Quest: Macabre Fervor

Public Quest: The Wilds of War

previous chapter is: Rite of Passage

next chapter is: Blessed Gathering

Chapter Lore: A great black bird watched as a band of crazed men finished off the last of the patrolling Norscan warriors they had ambushed. "For Sigmar!" shouted the leader, and the others cried out in response. From its perch high in a nearby tree, the bird cawed its disapproval, then flapped away.

Minutes later, the raven returned to the outstretched arm of its master, Volshehk. It cawed several times, then flew away again. Volshehk pondered the message he had received. Once again, these fanatics had slain his men without a single casualty. Such was their devotion to their false god, they fought without fear or regard for their own lives. In a way, he admired these so-called Flagellants and their leader, Adelbart Mueller. Most of the Empire's soldiers had fled the northern coast of Nordland when the Warhost invaded. Mueller had stubbornly remained, and had managed to convince those peasants unable or unwilling to escape that they were on a holy crusade against evil.

This Mueller would make a fine addition to the Warhost, Volshehk decided. He would have enjoyed the challenge of turning him if there had been time, but other matters needed his attention now.

The Warhost had finally encountered a sizable army of the Empire. Battle had been joined at the coastal village of New Emskrank, and thus far, the soldiers of Nordland were proving difficult to dislodge. They used their knowledge of the land to great advantage, and had set up several well-defended positions within the village. Time, however, was against them. With each passing hour, the main force of the warhost drew nearer. Within a matter of only days, the men of the Empire would be vastly outnumbered.

From his vantage point on the cliff above, the Chaos leader watched the latest skirmish unfold. A group of Nordlander Longswords had surrounded a band of Chaos Warriors, and would soon cut them down. Volshehk drew his great flail and rode down to join the fray.

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