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Chaos Warcamp
zone: Nordland

Chaos Warcamp Destruction Storyline

Blessed Gathering

location: Blessed Gathering, Norsca

npc: Creve Avdvare

zone: Nordland

Objective: The Nordland XI

Objective: The Harvest Shrine

Objective: Festenplatz

Objective: Lost Lagoon

previous chapter is: Fearless Resistance

next chapter is: Proving Ground

Chapter Lore: Under cover of night, the longships slid onto the shore, their hulls scraping along the beach in a series of sibilant hisses. Row upon row of oars were stowed in silence as the Marauders onboard made the transition from sailors to raiders. The ships were safely dragged the remaining distance onto the shore as dozens of Northmen dropped over the bulkheads onto the sand and began readying their weapons.

A large warrior motioned for the Marauders to approach him so that he would not have to shout. It spoke highly of the air of leadership that surrounded him that none dared question his unspoken order. All of the warriors were brimming with adrenaline despite having rowed such a great distance. They were ready for a fight.

"I am Vokmar, and I speak for Lord Xyshrenth, himself," Vokmar was clearly having trouble curtailing his own bloodlust, as well. "Steady your hands, men. Our lord has deemed it in our best interests to establish a camp here before we march on that stockyard to the southwest that the southerners dare to call a town. We are but the first wave of many, and this beach will be our rallying point once we've established a foothold. You men have been hand-picked for your skill in battle as well as your ferocity. I do not intend to leave much for the second wave to lay claim." He smiled, "Let us make sure that they have nothing to do once they arrive but help us count our spoils."

Nervous laughter echoed from the men.

"Sythlyn!" hissed Vokmar.

"Yes, my lord," answered the quartermaster, as he stepped forward.

"You have nearly three hours until first light. I want to march my men into New Emskrank before the people there see another sunrise. You have two hours to make camp." Then he added, "See that it's done, or you will be the first to die this day."

Sythlyn replied, "It shall be as you will."

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