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Chaos Chapter 4
zone: Nordland

Chaos Chapter 4 Destruction Storyline

Proving Ground

location: Authun's Host, Nordland

npc: Authun Skandsen

zone: Nordland

Public Quest: Fields of Woe

Public Quest: Sacred Ground

Public Quest: Salzenmund

previous chapter is: Blessed Gathering

next chapter is: Into the Shadows

Chapter Lore: Authun Skandsen surveyed the assembled group of warriors gathered before him. Their eyes were wide with excitement and their hands trembled with anticipation. Their eagerness to slay the humans of the Empire was nearly palpable. Authun smiled and nodded with approval. It was not so long ago that he himself had been an aspirant, hopeful to join the ranks of Tchar'zanek's elite warriors, the Raven Host. Now it was his task to judge the worthiness of others.

"Look upon the village to the south. That is Vistermark, and it is there that you will face your test of worthiness. Now, heed my words - those who do as I command and show neither fear nor remorse might be judged worthy to join the honored ranks of the Raven Host. Those of you who fail will carry the shame of that failure for the rest of your lives."

The company of young warriors nodded their understanding.

"You're to attack by night and slay the village defenders without raising the town alarm," he said. "None must know of our arrival."

"We kill 'em quiet, then," said the Zealot henchman, "Just like at New Emskrank."

Authun darted into the ranks and grabbed the outspoken minion by the throat and threw him to the ground with such force, the fledgling Zealot was left gasping for air, the wind knocked from his lungs.

"I have not finished speaking. You will learn your place." said Authun icily. Laughter broke out amongst the Chaos fighters. Incensed, the Zealot leapt to his feet and drew his blade to avenge the insult.

Authun watched the ensuing melee with interest. The Zealot slew the Warrior who'd laughed the loudest, before falling to a barrage of spear jabs and sword strokes. The surviving combatants then basked in the glory of the sacrifice, while Authun gave voice to the rest of the plan.

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